Session 8 Epilogue

The pirate cove has an entrance into the Darklands, courtesy of an early attack by lizard men and Derro. They collapsed the cave entrance but there is still a way to squeeze through.

The party wanders a bit and ends up near a massive Dwarven city, except it’s now inhabited by Derro. They find a massive two-headed troll working a huge drill, trying to break an entrance back into the pirate cove. The party kills the troll, disables the drill, and manages to escape the area by careening on a minecart through the city. On the way out they see a Drow and a massive spider lurking in the shadows of an alley, watching the party with interest.

Past the city, the group finds themselves in trouble when the cart tracks end in a deep ravine filled with undead oozes. They are saved by a band of Svirfneblin, who trade with the party briefly and then go their own way, continuing their patrol.

Coins 4 pp, 149 gp, 240 sp

Garnet (80 gp)
Jasper (60 gp)
Opal (650 gp)
Rose Quartz (50 gp)
Total value = 840 gp

Art Objects
Ivory bowl with animal carvings (40 gp)
Total value = 40 gp

Magic Items
Full Plate (1 armor) (2650 gp)
Light Crossbow (
1 weapon) (sheds light) (2335 gp)
Potion of Blur (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Sanctuary (cr, 50 gp)
Scroll of Protection from Good (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Summon Monster I (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Sun Metal (uc, 25 gp)
Total value = 5410 gp

Total value 6503 gp


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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