Session 12 Prologue

Elves and trees? go figure

With a tower full of Saltharbor townsfolk, the party huddles in the darkness as the structure twist up through the earth, finally coming to rest on the surface of the island about an hour from the beach according to the map.

Shortly after leaving the tower, there is a burst of magic and several elves, armed and prepared for battle, appear around the group. They have bowstrings pulled back, swords drawn, and mages are ready to cast. The obvious leader, an elvish noble in ornate plate points at the player with the cane. “It’s TRUE! The great tree is returned! Hand over that cutting!” Elror hands over the sapling and in return is given command of squad of new Elven Barbarians.

The party disperses their resources to save the pirates and warn the cove, and they set off to save Captain Jack.


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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