Session 13 Prologue

Come as you are -Nirvan

After saving Captain Jack and killing the pygmy king and the great ape the pygmies worshipped, the journey back across the island is relatively uneventful. As the king hit the ground in pieces, a flurry of drums started up in the nearby jungle, quickly rippling through the thick vegetation as other drums picked up the message. Walking back through the jungle, the party doesn’t encounter a single pygmy. Through the trees they see many rough canoes taking to the seas, fleeing the island in all directions.

You found another shard, a much larger piece, about the size of a man’s forearm.

Arriving back at the tower, the map has changed. The Nirvan war ship has come closer to the southern beach and it looks to be holding steady. The Griffin riders are frozen in place but appear to be flying towards the tower, coming from the direction of the war ship.

The crew of the Valoreign ship has indeed pulled the national flag down and are now flying under the Ravenstorm banner. They are coming around the island and will likely make visual with the warship shortly (in the next hour or so).

Anyone that comes close to the table, feels comfortable like they might possibly be able to manipulate the pieces. Aside from the party, the ships, and the griffin riders, there are lots of injured pirates on the map.

While you are pondering the map, you hear a commotion outside. Stepping out to see what’s going on, you see a Griffin rider spear sticking into the earth just outside the tower door. The Salthaven folk have dropped back into defensive positions, but the riders have already veered off in the direction of Nirvan (East). You see a message tied to the spear.

You have been invited to the Capital city of Nirvan to speak with the king about the Night of Wild Magic. The war ship awaits to take you there if you decide to accept.


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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