Session 11 Epilogue

To kill a god

The party takes the ferry to Saltharbor, a small town nestled on an island in the middle of an interdimensional space created to imprison the mad god Zentharion.

The people of Saltharbor are inviting though a thousand years out of touch with surface life. The guards of Saltharbor are another matter, suspicious and distrusting of the NPC’s. Saltharbor Guard is a noble profession and the guards act much like nobles on the surface, uppity and pompous.

The party learns a little of Saltharbor, but nothing of the tower which is strictly off limits. They do find the story of Zentharion’s bid for power and subsequent fall from grace in the town library. Notable to the Elf is the fact that Zentharion had destroyed the elvish Great Tree before his banishment, putting two and two together, he realizes the great tree depicted across the tower doors is the Great Tree. There is also a passage about an emergency escape system to be used if something were to happen to the mad god.

They meet the town elder, a disheveled old woman with a cane. She immediately takes a disliking to the party, in particularly the elvish barbarian.

As the party stays in Saltharbor, they realize that some form of powerful sleeping magic overcomes the town each night at 10pm. Through various means, the party stays awake and uses the nights for intel gathering.

As the days wear on, it becomes evident that someone is painting the party as cursed, spreading rumors, and possibly even controlling townsfolk to incite violence. Quickly catching on, the group manages to resolve the encounters without violence.

The party eventually discovers that the village elder is the mad god. Noc follows her one night and watches as she touches her cane to the doors of the tower, and the relief of the great tree briefly becomes something more as the cane seems to melt into it, allowing her entrance. The color drains from the doors and the cane pops back out as she passes.

Combat commences with Zentharion, victory belongs to the party and as the god lays dying the interdimensional space begins to collapse. The edges of this reality start to crumble, and the townspeople rush for the tower. While everyone is packing into the tower, the party discovers an intricately carved relief of the surface of the island of Tortage.

The map and its pieces are carved to a level of detail that looks almost impossible, like a living relief. They notice the following:

  • Honest Captain Jack the Liar appears to be getting dragged up the volcano by a brutish pygmy, both figurines are immaculately detailed. There appear to be lesser pygmies cheering on the action.
  • There is a green glow coming from within the volcano, but whatever it is, it’s too small to be seen on the map.
  • there are smaller representations of pygmies and pirates around the jungle, not as detailed as the captain and the pygmy.
  • There is a Nirvan warship just coming into the hazy edge of the maps waters, it appears to be heading in the general direction of the pirate’s cove, where the parties lackeys are hanging out with the less combat-capable pirates.
  • There is a flight of Griffon riders in the skies above the island, Griffon riders are Nirvan’s elite aerial units and similar to Valoreign’s Hippogriff riders.

As the last of the townsfolk seek safety in the tower (with the exception of Father Bryon because, and I quote, “fuck that guy”), the tower seals shut and as the world collapses around it, it drives up into the earth. The interior is dark and the noise is deafening but after several minutes it comes to a grinding halt and light slowly pierces the inside through the windows.

Total Session EXP: 5,400

Notable followers gained
Fritz’s hairy ball
Nelly, proprietor of the Salt Lick
Grunkle, blacksmith
Mister Jerl, librarian
~100 assorted villagers (farmers, cooks, clothiers, etc)


Dont forget we trapped, drugged, and killed the drow following us. And Its spider mount. All for the greater good.

Session 11 Epilogue
Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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