Session 10 Epilogue

Mushroom Party

The group enters the great mushroom forest, a massive cavern housing gargantuan mushrooms, densely packed like an above ground arboreal forest.

Night 1 in the forest: The party hears a savage roar followed by a shrill humanoid screech, then silence. Investigating they find a toppled mushroom, the crown of which is hollowed out and was being used as a camp. They find the traces of a purple worm attack, and the belongings that appear to be from a Drow who appeared to have slipped while taking a leak off the edge of the mushroom, thudding to the ground and alerting the purple worm. Among the equipment they find a parchment with the description of the party and their roles.

Night 2 in the forest: The party is ambushed by Drow led by a Drider and watched over by a familiar Drow on his giant spider mount. The battle that raged with the Drow caught the attention of a gargantuan purple worm which attacked the players and remaining drow. After winning the fight the party learned that a human mercenary boldly entered the Drow city and offered a great reward for the party never leaving the Darklands, the description matched that of the human mercenary the party has encountered previously with the Elven grenades. The party find a few captives, Svirfneblin that had helped the group in the past, minus two members that perished when being captured by the drow. There names are Belwar (M), Kronthud (M), and Thulmarra (F). They agree to travel with the party.

Last sessions loot, I put an asterix next to things that I think were claimed by characters.

+1 Mithril Longsword
Mithril Chain Shirt

Fungal Forest:
Tunnel Worm:
89pp, 804gp, 64sp, 180cp
23gp in gems
Mwk Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
Mwk Dagger
Mwk Morningstar
Flail Snails
31pp, 486gp, 1205sp, 7040cp
994gp in gems
Mwk Buckler
Mwk Heavy Mace
Mwk Light Hammer
Mwk Sai
Oil of Magic Stone
Potion of Protection from Chaos
Scroll of Charm Animal
Scroll of Scorching Ray
Wand of Create Water (24 charges)
1,500gp in shell fragments
25pp, 250gp, 100sp, 500cp
450gp in gems
Mwk Spear
2x Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds

Drow Ambush
1,000pp, 600gp
6x Rapiers
7x Hand Crossbows
100 Hand Crossbow Bolts
6x Leather Armour
6x Bucklers
Mwk Rapier
Mwk Breastplate
1 Buckler
Mek Heavy Mace
Mwk Composite Longbow (
2 Str)
20 Arrows
7 doses Drow Poison
1x Potion of Invisibility
1x Scroll of Dispel Magic
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds (10 charges)


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