Green Shards

Sherman and Lem spent the last few weeks investigating the shards, and came to the following conclusions:

They can remove a spell (such as an arcane lock) if they stay in contact with the spelled item for 1 hour per level of the spell.

They can also absorb spells from people, starting with any current buffs (starting with the highest level), followed by spell slots starting with the highest level available, and finally mythic levels. This is not permanent in the case of slots and mythic levels, over the course of 1 day per level (of the slot/mythic level) the stone will gradually release the hold and after this time the slot/abilities will be available for use again. Spell slots and mythic abilities are absorbed but not transferable, which means you cannot “put it back” by using the stone, once it’s absorbed there’s nothing to do but wait.

If the stone is placed on a recently dead MYTHIC character/NPC that has been attuned to the stone via traveling with it for a great length of time in the open (e.g. not spending the majority of their time in an extra-dimensional space), the stone can be used to bring them back to life. It first consumes all mythic levels, then brings the corpse back to life. The levels are returned as per above rules, and the stone is consumed in the process.

Transferring a plus from an item (+1, +2, etc) takes the following amount of time:
+1 = 1 day
+2 = 2 days
+3 = 4 days
+4 = 8 days
+5 = 16 days

Plusses are not cumulative. Transferring a +2 to a weapon that is already +1 just makes it +2.

Transferring bonus equivalent abilities costs the same as the straight bonus plus one step. +1 equivalent ability takes 2 days. +3 takes 8 days, etc. A +5 equivalent ability takes 32 days to transfer.

Green Shards

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