Common Local Knowledge


Current month: Midorost (winter solstice), average daily temps range from a low of ~5° to a high of ~45°. Snow has been average this year, with the area having an accumulation of @ 8".

  • The courthouse mysteriously burst into flames early during the Night of Wild Magic, leaving only one rumored survivor; because of the massive confusion that night nobody remembers if there really was a survivor or not or who it would be if the rumor is true. A year later the building has been rebuilt but strange things happen there and it’s rumored to be haunted – what’s strange however is the rare ghost sightings are those of people in ancient garb that hasn’t been in style for centuries. Reports say the ghosts are angry and appear to be looking for someone.
  • 3 months ago the river sprites that drove the halfling communities further down the river grew bored. Things started going missing at night, people were kept awake by all manner of noises, and general mischief and pranks increased. The town pushed back, increasing late night guard patrols and hiring a human mercenary to try to drive the sprites away. The mercenary decided violence was the way to go and killed several sprites with an Elven Grenade a few weeks back before collecting his pay from a scared and objecting Mayor and disappearing. The sprites have vowed revenge, a boast largely ignored by the town, at at least until last week when someone spotted a sprite talking excitedly to what appeared to be a small 3’ tall old wrinkled looking humanoid wearing metal boots a red cap, the sprite gesturing angrily towards Rondel and handing over a coin purse.
  • The talking stag head in the The Black Hart Inn has offered to reveal the location of a treasure to anyone who can find a replacement stag head for the Inn – something equally unique looking. The innkeep, Henry Horner, is on board as he’s grown tired of the way the talking head berates and harasses his customers every full moon. In return, the head would like to be put somewhere with a nice view and moved occasionally so it doesn’t get bored. It would also like the company of animals and people that aren’t “drunken hillbilly backwood farmers that smell of pig shit and potatoes.”
  • Two weeks ago wolves killed three of farmer Gerald Rowley’s sheep, three nights later they killed two more. This prompted someone to go check on Tall John, since he usually keeps wild packs at bay as part of his normal scouting north of town. Tall John was nowhere to be found, it looks like he left Worg’s Bane Tower mid-meal, without his weapons and armor. His tracks leave the tower and disappear into the snowy woods where local scouts lost the trail.
  • Webb’s Apothecary went on another walkabout last week and allegedly stepped on Gelan Went’s fruit cart. Leshanna Webb has stated it was probably an accident, but she doesn’t know since she has no control over the buildings wandering. Gelan wants to know who is going to pay for his cart, he is pushing the issue to the courts by claiming that Leshanna was in the house, he remembers her hanging out the window and screaming obscenities at it as it strode by; like a runaway horse the owner should be liable. Leshanna claims she is not a party in his grievance and he can “sue the blasted house if he wants.”



On the west island of Enweald, almost all agriculture is centered in Warfield and Brightmeadows. The capital city of Valorstand straddles these two duchies. It’s no surprise then that almost all the realms wealth is tied up in this area. This is where the more important lords have their lands, landowners are abundant, and the lower class is kept out of sight and out of mind. Hundredhill (better known as ‘dredhill) to the direct north is highlands, agriculture is much harder here and most inhabitants scratch out a living with what they can grow and what they can ferment – this is where the lower middle and lower class live. There has always been a great deal of discord between those in ’dredhill and the more affluent inhabitants of the south, generally brought on by a health dose of distaste the rich have when dealing with the poor. There is a running joke in the courts that ’dredhill is only supported as much as it is because if the orcs and giants ever manage to push past Sir Henris’s wall, the poor should slow the horde enough to allow the rich to escape. Jokes aside, the threat is of course very real, and Duke Umbridge of Hundredhill is a member of the Order of the Hearth and has many knights at his command.

North of Hundredhill, the population thins considerably but there are still settlements both in Spearpoint and Torskott, primarily resource gathering communities or bases of military importance. Invernia is controlled by dwarven thanes, and Norn is inhospitable and uninhabited by men, dwarves, or elves.


Gorgonhold and Westreach are the only civilized bastions on Iyarlaan. Westreach is the crown jewel of the eastern island, rich soil and abundant resources have created a safe haven ringed by wealthy noble estates along the coast. Gorgonhold is more militarized, Order of the Hearth is here in abundance to protect the settlements and keep watch over the berserker lands.


King Thomas, the Manticore King
Since the Night of Wild magic, people feel that the now-young-again King Thomas has been lacking in leadership. It’s been almost a year since the arcane explosion and he is still very enamored with his younger body. Mock combat trials, jousts, and parties are held at the castle almost nightly, much to the chagrin of his (now much older) children and the general tax paying populace. His willingness to keep the barbarians of Iyarlaad in check was a matter of some concern for years prior to the Night of Wild Magic, and now it’s all but a forgotten duty. He has delegated authority for everything from trade agreements, realm security, and judicial matters to members of his court. Still wise enough however to do just enough to keep himself secure as King. Young noble women of the land have been finding any excuse to hang around the castle in the hopes that the King may favor them with a glance.

The Mage Council
The mage council is at a loss for how to handle the kings lack of interest in, well, being a king. They have been ordered by the king to not investigate the Night of Wild Magic, for he fears if they find out what happened they may also find out how to reverse it and the king would rather stay young.

The King’s Heirs
The King’s five children are beside themselves with the recent events. Torn between concern for the king and having any chance of ruling ripped from their grasp, as they are all now 40+ years older than their father.

Common Local Knowledge

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