Session 10 Prologue

The party returned the stone of Quelos’nira to the city, and the people once again settled into a more lawful and orderly demeanor… but the force field was still slowly collapsing. Wanting the last memory of the city to be one of peace, the mayor gave the party directions to head deeper into the Darklands… and once they were clear he crushed the stone, causing the rapid destruction of the city and all within it.

Session 9 Epilogue
Romancing the Stone

Agreeing to find the stone, the party sets off into the Darklands, battling spiders and trolls. They eventually find themselves in the den of a band of Arach’s examining a strange stone. After a great battle, the party retrieves the sacred stone.

Coins 20 pp, 415 gp, 70 sp, 1000 cp

Citrine (35 gp)
Green Spinel (50 gp)
Jade (120 gp)
Topaz (600 gp)
Zircon (50 gp)
Total value = 855 gp

Art Objects
2 x Carved stone idol (30 gp)
Decorated electrum plate (110 gp)
Ivory drinking horn with copper ends (60 gp)
Ivory drinking horn with silver ends (110 gp)
Platinum holy symbol (500 gp)
Total value = 840 gp

Masterwork Items
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (170 gp)
Masterwork Trident (315 gp)
Total value = 485 gp

Magic Items
Breastplate (+1 armor, Mirrored) (4350 gp)
Chime of Opening (3000 gp)
Mistmail (2250 gp)

Session 9 prologue
Party town

The party comes across an ancient city inhabited by an elder race, the city is slowly being crushed by a shrinking force field due to their artifact stone being stolen. The inhabitants have devolved into lawlessness and spend every waking hour partying.

Session 8 Epilogue
We've been workin' on the railroad...

The pirate cove has an entrance into the Darklands, courtesy of an early attack by lizard men and Derro. They collapsed the cave entrance but there is still a way to squeeze through.

The party wanders a bit and ends up near a massive Dwarven city, except it’s now inhabited by Derro. They find a massive two-headed troll working a huge drill, trying to break an entrance back into the pirate cove. The party kills the troll, disables the drill, and manages to escape the area by careening on a minecart through the city. On the way out they see a Drow and a massive spider lurking in the shadows of an alley, watching the party with interest.

Past the city, the group finds themselves in trouble when the cart tracks end in a deep ravine filled with undead oozes. They are saved by a band of Svirfneblin, who trade with the party briefly and then go their own way, continuing their patrol.

Coins 4 pp, 149 gp, 240 sp

Garnet (80 gp)
Jasper (60 gp)
Opal (650 gp)
Rose Quartz (50 gp)
Total value = 840 gp

Art Objects
Ivory bowl with animal carvings (40 gp)
Total value = 40 gp

Magic Items
Full Plate (1 armor) (2650 gp)
Light Crossbow (
1 weapon) (sheds light) (2335 gp)
Potion of Blur (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Sanctuary (cr, 50 gp)
Scroll of Protection from Good (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Summon Monster I (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Sun Metal (uc, 25 gp)
Total value = 5410 gp

Total value 6503 gp

Session 8 Prologue
Fantasy Island

After sorting out the horde uprising by forming a treaty with the barbarians, the king is less than pleased. He does not trust the barbarians but what’s done is done.

He gifts the party the volcanic jungle island of Tortage, and bids them to clear it so the royal engineers can begin designing and building a military settlement there, as a first responder to any future barbarian attack.

Arriving at the island, the party talks to their new(ish) friend, Captain Honest Jack the Liar, who tells them that nobody has ever been able to settle the island because it’s protected by an old god that is rumored to be entombed somewhere deep below in the Darklands. They agree that Captain Jack can be the harbor master for the new settlement if he assists the party by clearing the jungle of pygmies, while the party goes below.

Session 7 Epilogue
Barbarians at the gate

I’ll fill the details here later, but exp and loot is below:

Experience: 20,000 total (4,000 each), also +1 mythic level


Fate’s Shears
All-seeing Armor
Ring of Protection +1

2x +1 Greatswords
Lucky Drunk’s Mail
Hero’s Release Pendant

Wyvern Attack:
1675 gold
Masterwork quarterstaff
Oil of magic weapon
Scroll of Charm Animal

Ogre Ambush:
5x potions of Cure Light Wounds
potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
potion of Invisibility
Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds
2x Alchemists Fire
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Ring of Protection +1
18 Javelins (large)
+1 Greataxe (large)
Chain shirt (large)
Masterwork breastplate (large)
Masterwork Greatsword (large)
Unholy symbol
3x hide armor
3x greatclubs

3,299 gold
470gp gems and jewelry
960gp in artwork
Masterwork Mandolin
Engineer’s Work Gloves
Horn of Fog
Wand of Reduce Person
Potion of Hide from Undead
Potion of Spider Climb

Session 7 Prologue
Any Port in a Storm

Not much for the prologue, Honest Captain Jack the Liar is dropping the party off on the coast south of the Gorgorond port of Sthenos, it’ll be a short hike to the port where they can supply up and prepare for the berserker lands.

Session 6 Epilogue
A Pirate's Life For Me

I’m going to shorten these up with just the essentials, since they take WAY too long to hammer out a play by play.

The party boards the ship and heads out, it’s quite a long trip and everything seems to be going well until Noc gets a whiff of something burning. He traces the smoke to the hold, which is barred by powerful magic, but the smoke is definitely coming from within. As he heads up to the deck to look for another way in, he signals to Elror (who has also realized something is amiss) to wake the rest of the party.

Elror wakes Gaheris and Sherman, as well as Llewellyn Dragonstaff and Alicia Thistledown. Everyone starts grabbing what they can in case they need to abandon ship.

Elror and Noc arrive topside and realize there is no crew, Elror deploys a swan boat while Noc scales down the side of the ship to a port window to the hold. Sherman arrives on scene and heads up the crow’s nest to see what he can see, spotting the crew rowing away silently some distance off.

Noc discovers many barrels of explosive powder in the hold, all with fuses lit. The port window is too small to enter, and he raises the alarm, there are only seconds left before the ship blows.

With no time to spare, the party makes it into the swan boat as the Sea Lance is ripped apart. After recovering from the explosion, they realize only Llewellyn Dragonstaff made it off the ship, Alicia Thistledown is lost. They give Dragonstaff two swan ships to get back to land, and spend a few hours diving for supplies and building a raft to tow behind the swan boat in case they are at see for a length of time. They discover that the ship had recently been renamed, it’s original name of The Wave Breaker was painted over with The Sea Lance.

When prepared, they head in the direction of the crew, reasoning that they were probably headed to land or a ship. It turns out to be land, the Isle of Tortage.

About Tortage:
Tortage is a volcanic island approximately 100 miles long and 50 miles wide. The northern side of the island is dominated by a moderately sized volcano that is not entirely stable. The danger of eruption is low since the pressure is being constantly relieved through several vents, which results in a near constant trickle of lava from the volcano down to the sea. The increase in heat from the volcano has created a tropical jungle like environment, completely unlike the climates of the neighboring islands. With the danger from the volcano being low, and the climate being warm and humid, one would think the island would have been claimed by the empire centuries ago.

Tortage is a hot, humid, muggy jungle in every way. The heat from the island itself meets the colder air in the atmosphere and creates a climate of daily rainfall, with the highest rain accumulation in the colder typical months and the lowest in the warmest. It being summer, rainfall is @ 0.5 inches per day, but the condensation on the plants and trees give the impression of a near constant drizzle. This time of year it typically rains 26 days of the month.

Another side effect of the warmer air is the cloud of mist that hangs low over the island, obscuring anything past the shore with the exception of the faintly glowing volcano that juts up above the mist line.

Daytime temperatures can reach 94 degrees this time of year, dropping to 74 degrees at night.

Dangers of Tortage
The natives of Tortage are a tribe of cannibalistic pygmy’s. They live in rustic settlements and speak a language wholly different from anything spoken anywhere else, punctuated with grunts, clicks, and occasional screams. They are exceedingly stealthy, preferring to attack from ambush with poisoned darts and spears. They eat vegetation and fruit, but prefer meat when they can get it.

Animal life on Tortage is also unlike any other neighboring island, with large lizards and powerful feline predators. There are also non-dangerous animals such as monkeys and colorful parrots.

Many of the plants in Tortage are poisonous when eaten, it’s not recommended that anything be eaten unless you are familiar with the flora.

The party finds the crew bound on the shore and being accosted by Honest Jack the Liar. They gain Jacks trust and learn that Jack used to be called just “Honest Jack,” but while captured by a notable captain in the Royal Navy, it was discovered that he was breaking out of his cell in the brig every night and laying with the Captain’s betrothed. When interrogated about it he refused to speak, deciding instead to preserve the lady’s modesty. The Captain added the moniker of ‘the liar’ and since it sounded amusing it stuck.

Honest Jack the Liar is actually an honest man, from what you’ve heard his word is his bond. He also despise those that don’t keep their word and many a royal ship has been plundered just due to the reputation of the captain’s.

Figuring that the crew was coming here for pickup, and determining that they were under some sort of enhanced geas, the party and Jack set a trap for the rescue crew. The PC’s would dress as the last survivors of the crew and board the rescue ship, giving time for Noc to scuttle it and the pirate’s to take it over.

While Noc was scuttling the ship however, the rest of the party realized that the rescue ship wasn’t affiliated with the crew that blew up the Sea Lance/Wave Breaker. In fact, they had been pointed in this direction via an anonymous tip from a passing sail boat. This complicated matters when the pirates came around the island and proceeded with their takeover.

The party was ushered below deck when the fighting began, and it became quickly apparent that the mythically powered Captain Jack was able to command his crew in a way that made them a devastatingly cohesive unit, and the royal navy was no match.

In an attempt to stop all out warfare, Noc launched a surprise attack on the royal captain, bloodying him but not incapacitating him before leaping over the side of the ship and disappearing into the water. The rest of the party came up and through diplomacy and bit of Sherman’s bardic magic, talked the royal captain into surrendering.

As they were putting the crew of the rescue ship ashore, they realized there were blood curdling screams coming from the other crew that was tied up just within the jungle. Running in they found several of the prisoners being dragged into the dense foliage by pygmy cannibals. Dispatching the pygmy’s was easier said than done, while not tough they employed potent poisons.

When all was taken care of, Honest Captain Jack agreed to drop the party off a little down the coast from the Gorgorond port of Sthenos.

EXP Gained: 2800

Reputation Gained:
Increase with Honest Captain Jack the Liar for keeping your word
Increase with Captain Lang Helton of the Royal Navy for not letting on that you were working with Captain Jack and talking sense into him before his crew was completely slaughtered.

Session 6 Prologue
I'm On A Boat!

The king is slowly getting better, still unconscious for most of the time he does occasionally become lucent and has short duration conversations with the Magi Council who are ruling in his stead. Infighting between the mages of council has gotten noticeably worse, with the party’s possession of the shard being a major topic of discussion, particularly with Sir Gaheris’s status as an apprentice of Magnus Filgray. The Night of Wild Magic is not to be investigated, by order of the Manticore king, if Magnus is running an investigation then it’s going to be a big issue. Any resolution to the issue is postponed however, as the party is summoned by Corwin Strome and it is announced that the king has a mission for the group. A brief look of confusion flashes across the face of Magnus and it seems as if he didn’t know of this development, confusion is replaced by anger, but he stays silent.

Word has arrived that the barbarian hordes on Iyarlaan have begun to get restless and have been skirmishing with the hippogryph riders that protect the duchy of Gorgonhold. It hasn’t been all out war but royal tacticians feel that the barbarians are feeling out defenses and in some cases have brazenly pushed into command structures and stolen any documents they could get their hands on. It’s likely a new warlord is leading the tribes and they may be preparing a push to take the island back. The barbarians are an easily handled threat as long as they remain fractured and crippled with fighting between the clans, but unified they are a credible threat to the rich lands and vacations homes in Westreach.

The hippogryph riders aren’t equipped to fight a major offensive and their numbers are few. What ground forces that exist in Gorgonhold are scattered in outposts along the border to the barbarian lands and are more to delay any ground offensive to allow the settlers in Westreach to flee to sea.

The party’s mission is to travel into the barbarian lands and do recon, try to figure out how much of a threat this is. If the barbarians manage to take Westreach, it’s not likely that Valoreign will be able to retake it. There is no expectation for the party to calm the horde, it would be best they didn’t enter into any political agreements on behalf of the kingdom since they don’t have the authority.

You will leave immediately, I’ve had a ship prepared, the Sea Lance.

The group is dismissed and heads out to pack but is stopped by Magnus just outside the keep walls. "I don’t know what’s going on, but the barbarians aren’t ones to sit down to tea and crumpets, and without the full backing of the throne this is a suicide mission designed to quietly get rid of you. You will need to go, and I trust you will do your best, but be careful. The elves in the Shadowcrowns may be able to offer some assistance, and I’ve talked to Alicia Thistledown and Llewellyn Dragonstaff, the council members for Westreach and Gorgonhold respectively, and they may be able to offer some help. They will both be traveling with you since it appears the “king” has decided they are of better use sitting in their towers away from the political arena here. They aren’t going to let you take the shard, but trust me that I already have a contingency plan in place, I’ll have the shard for you when you get back to the mainland though I imagine Corwin won’t be too happy.

Session 5 Epilogue
It's not the destination that counts, it's the tourney

The Shard
The party spent a few days getting familiar with the green shard prior to heading out to Valorstand for the tourney. They discovered a few properties:

  • The shard slowly drains magical energy from those in close contact with it over time, effects seem to take place after several hours of contact. Detrimental effects slowly subside over the next 12 hours or so. Noc, who uses no magic, experienced a physical drain. Sherman, who uses magic experienced a drain of spell casting ability.
  • Everyone in the party feels a pull from the shard if they get close (measured in feet), but only close contact seems to draw a person’s energy.
  • Those with higher magical ability seem the feel the pull from further away, those with none don’t seem affected.
  • The council of Magi keyed on NOC’s shard container from over 20’ away or more.
  • Noc carried the case through the city and no commoners seemed to notice.
  • Noc feels the pull however and he is not a magic user.

Valorstand Campsite
The trip to Valorstand was uneventful, the roads were packed with people heading to the capital for a week of festivities. Upon meeting Sir Gaheris’s retainers at the main gate, the party saw that they were bruised and stiff, and learned that they had been waylaid on the way to the city, leading to the party getting a less than stellar camp site on the muddy river and far too close to the privy’s. The noble Sir Gaheris was upset, but shelved his pride and instead focused on catching up with his mentor, Magnus Filgray. Sherman likewise left to catch up with his family in the city, and secured a room for the night as opposed to sleeping on the river where the smell was occasionally unbearable.

Elror wandered the camps outside the city, taking in the sites. Asher the stoic oracle kept to himself, ever the quiet and brooding one. Noc asked around about any nobility in the camps that might be a bit on the rude side, and came back with a list numbering in the dozens. With no way to pare the list down, he set about planning revenge for the beating of Sir Gaheris’s retainers, to be taken out on whichever noble or knight irritated him the most.

Night passed, and the next morning the party awoke bright and early in the camp (with the exception of Sherman, who slept in a well-appointed manse). As they settled in to the morning they noticed that the retainers would occasionally look up at the river and grimace. When asked, they admitted that the boys that had beat them on the way to the city were washing up in the river.

The following events unfolded In order of relative level of illegality:

  • Asher decided that it was none of his business.
  • Elror disrobed and strode into the water, pretending to wash up as he eavesdropped on the boys.
  • Sir Gaheris sent his retainers to steal the clothes of the bathing boys, recognizing the emblem as that of Sir Merek the Fiend.
  • Noc mixed up aerosol mercury with plans to slowly and painfully destroy all living persons that are in any way associated with Sir Merek, past, present, and if possible future.

Upon discovering that their clothes were missing, they set upon Swine, the youngest and newest of Sir Merek’s retainers. They beat him for losing their clothes until one fully naked elven barbarian stepped in and saved the boy. The remaining three squared off with the elf, advising him that he had just over stepped a bound that he shouldn’t have. One (Wige) ran off to inform Sir Merek while the other’s smugly stared at naked elf.

At this point Noc was already casing Sir Merek’s camp and watched as Wige entered Merek’s tent. The discussion within indicated that Merek would be visiting the party’s campsite. Noc liberally doused the area in mercury, and watched as Wige left the tent carrying an armload of pants with a couple of daggers hidden within. To slow the boy, Noc threw down caltrops and headed back to camp, leaving the boy struggling in the mud with bleeding feet.

Sherman, on his way back to camp watched a large brutish knight in full armor step out of his tent, great sword on his back. Obviously angry, Sherman easily outpaced the man and continued on his way to camp. He later happened across a young lad, lame in the street with bleeding feet thanks to some lout putting caltrops on path. Sherman healed the boy’s injuries, and with brief conversation realize that he was trying to get clothes to his friends that were currently being beaten at the river by a dirty naked elf. Since the boy looked to be in a hurry he cast expeditious retreat on him and let him carry on. Noc, well on his way to camp, heard the rapid fire sound of feet hitting the ground behind him. He turned to see Wige at more than a full sprint heading his way. Noc tried to pick pocket the daggers from the boy but misjudged the speed and ended up tackling the kid to the ground amidst flying pants and daggers – which Noc deftly snagged and palmed. Grabbing the pants and sparing a quick look for his knives, Wige speeds off towards the party’s camp.

Noc arrives in camp and sits back with Sir Gaheris and Asher to watch the show. The elf, now with pants thanks to Asher, is still standing in the mud getting eyeballed by Merek’s retainers. Sherman, having put two and two together and realizing that there’s probably only one elf in the entire camp, and even if not, there’s definitely only one that hangs out near the river… with one angry knight headed that way, and apparently a scuffle with some lads in the works, discretion over valor wins out and he vanishes to move into the camp unseen.

Wige arrives and hands out pants for everyone except Swine. Because screw Swine for losing their clothes to begin with.

Meanwhile, Sir Gaheris is contemplating the wisdom of stealing the clothes, but so far things are under control. He can’t fault the Barbarian for defending the little guy, and it’s not like people are being poisoned and slowly dying or anything. Aside from passing along some elf pants, Asher is doing a great job staying out of stuff that doesn’t concern him.

The noises from the camps further in abruptly halt, something is coming.

Sherman steps forward and enlarges the elf, who is now 12 feet tall, the surprise of sudden growth puts Mere’s retainers back in the dirt. Merek breaks the crowd, pauses as he sees a 12 foot elf standing over his boys, and slowly shakes his head.

He marches up to just out of reach from the elf and with a low growl he barks orders to his retainers to get back to camp – with the exception of Swine.

Fisticuffs en masse
The party met Sir Merek again in the melee free for all. All but Noc and Sherman took to the pit. Noc blended into the crowd and watched for anything interesting, and Sherman was given the honor of narrating the fight. Sir Merek established an early lead, devastating his nearby opponents. The party wisely spent time trying to unify the contestants to attack Sir Merek, which they were successful in doing and those that didn’t join the effort were put down by the the barbarian and oracle.

With all the survivors stacked against him in the arena, Sir Merek’s retainers decided to try to even the odds with a few well-placed thrown rocks. Recognizing their plan for what it was, Noc moved in and secreted a flasks of alchemical fire on the boys before exploding one – setting them on fire. He then stepped back and screamed that they were trying to upset the games. Sherman used the distraction to get a bit of casting in, to skew the fight to the party’s favor, but the games ended shortly after when Sir Merek dragged one of his boys into the arena and started to dispense justice for their meddling.

The king called an end to the match and Sir Merek was arrested.

The king and die
With the tourney in disarray, the king decided to salvage his grand event with an exhibition match against the winner of the jousting tournament, Sir Rowan. It was a gran event and almost the entire city showed up, the king hadn’t engaged in combat, even mock, for decades. The joust ended in disaster however when an assassin cast a spell from a wand and hardened Sir Rowan’s lance, which previously poisoned, pierced the king’s armor and drove completely through his left shoulder. The king was dying. The party set off after the assassin but he was obviously aided by magic, as well as technology in the form of an elvish grenade which he tossed into the crowd to cover his escape. Sherman was able to slow the decent of the grenade, preventing it from exploding and doing harm, and Noc managed to tuck it out of sight. By this time the assassin was gone. During the commotion, Noc traveled a bit too close to the council members with his briefcase of shard holding, and they immediately keyed in on it. Realizing the shard may be able to reverse the strange poison, it was bound to the king’s shoulder with a promise from Magnus that it would be returned. There was obviously some inner strife among the magi, with half the council livid that the party held a shard, the knowledge and investigation of which was expressly forbidden by the king. The other half of the council feigned ignorance and chalked it up to coincidence, but Sir Gaheris knows that there is something more going on.

Asher assisted with the tending of the king, and was approached by a member of the cult soliciting him to join. As a group that believes that magic and divine power comes from within, an oracle is a standing testament that they are right.

Elror met with the local elvish scouts and passed along the theory that the mercenary they are looking for may have just tried to kill the king. The description matches and he as in possession of an elvish grenade. The elves would like it back, Noc is reverse engineering it first.

Sir Rowan’s squire was found to have accepted money to allow a “fan” to see Sir Rowan’s jousting gear. The fan appears to have been the assassin, who used the opportunity to poison the lance. Sir Rowan was enraged and was going to have the lad hung as a traitor, but the party managed to talk him down and instead he released the boy from his service.

The following is the treasure from this session, for an updated list of what the party has kept, check and update the Wiki
Various sundry items such as daggers and equipment stolen from Merek’s camp. We’ll give it a value of 1,200 gold. I think Greg might have jotted down specific items, we’ll add the 1,200 gold to whatever he took down.

Other party gains
Knowledge of how elvish grenades work.
Gained rep with Magnus’s side of the magi council (Magnus Filgray, Alicia Thistledown, Llewellyn Dragonstaff)
Gained rep with the city of Valorstand
Gained rep with Lady Katharyn
Gained rep with the elves

Other party loses
Lost rep with Sir Merek
Lost rep with Corwin Stromes side of the magi council (Corwin Strome, Jacqueline Vicard, Elliot Lynch, Millicent Hawksworth)
Lost rep with Sir Merek

Experience: 2,200


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