Session 5 Epilogue
It's not the destination that counts, it's the tourney

The Shard
The party spent a few days getting familiar with the green shard prior to heading out to Valorstand for the tourney. They discovered a few properties:

  • The shard slowly drains magical energy from those in close contact with it over time, effects seem to take place after several hours of contact. Detrimental effects slowly subside over the next 12 hours or so. Noc, who uses no magic, experienced a physical drain. Sherman, who uses magic experienced a drain of spell casting ability.
  • Everyone in the party feels a pull from the shard if they get close (measured in feet), but only close contact seems to draw a person’s energy.
  • Those with higher magical ability seem the feel the pull from further away, those with none don’t seem affected.
  • The council of Magi keyed on NOC’s shard container from over 20’ away or more.
  • Noc carried the case through the city and no commoners seemed to notice.
  • Noc feels the pull however and he is not a magic user.

Valorstand Campsite
The trip to Valorstand was uneventful, the roads were packed with people heading to the capital for a week of festivities. Upon meeting Sir Gaheris’s retainers at the main gate, the party saw that they were bruised and stiff, and learned that they had been waylaid on the way to the city, leading to the party getting a less than stellar camp site on the muddy river and far too close to the privy’s. The noble Sir Gaheris was upset, but shelved his pride and instead focused on catching up with his mentor, Magnus Filgray. Sherman likewise left to catch up with his family in the city, and secured a room for the night as opposed to sleeping on the river where the smell was occasionally unbearable.

Elror wandered the camps outside the city, taking in the sites. Asher the stoic oracle kept to himself, ever the quiet and brooding one. Noc asked around about any nobility in the camps that might be a bit on the rude side, and came back with a list numbering in the dozens. With no way to pare the list down, he set about planning revenge for the beating of Sir Gaheris’s retainers, to be taken out on whichever noble or knight irritated him the most.

Night passed, and the next morning the party awoke bright and early in the camp (with the exception of Sherman, who slept in a well-appointed manse). As they settled in to the morning they noticed that the retainers would occasionally look up at the river and grimace. When asked, they admitted that the boys that had beat them on the way to the city were washing up in the river.

The following events unfolded In order of relative level of illegality:

  • Asher decided that it was none of his business.
  • Elror disrobed and strode into the water, pretending to wash up as he eavesdropped on the boys.
  • Sir Gaheris sent his retainers to steal the clothes of the bathing boys, recognizing the emblem as that of Sir Merek the Fiend.
  • Noc mixed up aerosol mercury with plans to slowly and painfully destroy all living persons that are in any way associated with Sir Merek, past, present, and if possible future.

Upon discovering that their clothes were missing, they set upon Swine, the youngest and newest of Sir Merek’s retainers. They beat him for losing their clothes until one fully naked elven barbarian stepped in and saved the boy. The remaining three squared off with the elf, advising him that he had just over stepped a bound that he shouldn’t have. One (Wige) ran off to inform Sir Merek while the other’s smugly stared at naked elf.

At this point Noc was already casing Sir Merek’s camp and watched as Wige entered Merek’s tent. The discussion within indicated that Merek would be visiting the party’s campsite. Noc liberally doused the area in mercury, and watched as Wige left the tent carrying an armload of pants with a couple of daggers hidden within. To slow the boy, Noc threw down caltrops and headed back to camp, leaving the boy struggling in the mud with bleeding feet.

Sherman, on his way back to camp watched a large brutish knight in full armor step out of his tent, great sword on his back. Obviously angry, Sherman easily outpaced the man and continued on his way to camp. He later happened across a young lad, lame in the street with bleeding feet thanks to some lout putting caltrops on path. Sherman healed the boy’s injuries, and with brief conversation realize that he was trying to get clothes to his friends that were currently being beaten at the river by a dirty naked elf. Since the boy looked to be in a hurry he cast expeditious retreat on him and let him carry on. Noc, well on his way to camp, heard the rapid fire sound of feet hitting the ground behind him. He turned to see Wige at more than a full sprint heading his way. Noc tried to pick pocket the daggers from the boy but misjudged the speed and ended up tackling the kid to the ground amidst flying pants and daggers – which Noc deftly snagged and palmed. Grabbing the pants and sparing a quick look for his knives, Wige speeds off towards the party’s camp.

Noc arrives in camp and sits back with Sir Gaheris and Asher to watch the show. The elf, now with pants thanks to Asher, is still standing in the mud getting eyeballed by Merek’s retainers. Sherman, having put two and two together and realizing that there’s probably only one elf in the entire camp, and even if not, there’s definitely only one that hangs out near the river… with one angry knight headed that way, and apparently a scuffle with some lads in the works, discretion over valor wins out and he vanishes to move into the camp unseen.

Wige arrives and hands out pants for everyone except Swine. Because screw Swine for losing their clothes to begin with.

Meanwhile, Sir Gaheris is contemplating the wisdom of stealing the clothes, but so far things are under control. He can’t fault the Barbarian for defending the little guy, and it’s not like people are being poisoned and slowly dying or anything. Aside from passing along some elf pants, Asher is doing a great job staying out of stuff that doesn’t concern him.

The noises from the camps further in abruptly halt, something is coming.

Sherman steps forward and enlarges the elf, who is now 12 feet tall, the surprise of sudden growth puts Mere’s retainers back in the dirt. Merek breaks the crowd, pauses as he sees a 12 foot elf standing over his boys, and slowly shakes his head.

He marches up to just out of reach from the elf and with a low growl he barks orders to his retainers to get back to camp – with the exception of Swine.

Fisticuffs en masse
The party met Sir Merek again in the melee free for all. All but Noc and Sherman took to the pit. Noc blended into the crowd and watched for anything interesting, and Sherman was given the honor of narrating the fight. Sir Merek established an early lead, devastating his nearby opponents. The party wisely spent time trying to unify the contestants to attack Sir Merek, which they were successful in doing and those that didn’t join the effort were put down by the the barbarian and oracle.

With all the survivors stacked against him in the arena, Sir Merek’s retainers decided to try to even the odds with a few well-placed thrown rocks. Recognizing their plan for what it was, Noc moved in and secreted a flasks of alchemical fire on the boys before exploding one – setting them on fire. He then stepped back and screamed that they were trying to upset the games. Sherman used the distraction to get a bit of casting in, to skew the fight to the party’s favor, but the games ended shortly after when Sir Merek dragged one of his boys into the arena and started to dispense justice for their meddling.

The king called an end to the match and Sir Merek was arrested.

The king and die
With the tourney in disarray, the king decided to salvage his grand event with an exhibition match against the winner of the jousting tournament, Sir Rowan. It was a gran event and almost the entire city showed up, the king hadn’t engaged in combat, even mock, for decades. The joust ended in disaster however when an assassin cast a spell from a wand and hardened Sir Rowan’s lance, which previously poisoned, pierced the king’s armor and drove completely through his left shoulder. The king was dying. The party set off after the assassin but he was obviously aided by magic, as well as technology in the form of an elvish grenade which he tossed into the crowd to cover his escape. Sherman was able to slow the decent of the grenade, preventing it from exploding and doing harm, and Noc managed to tuck it out of sight. By this time the assassin was gone. During the commotion, Noc traveled a bit too close to the council members with his briefcase of shard holding, and they immediately keyed in on it. Realizing the shard may be able to reverse the strange poison, it was bound to the king’s shoulder with a promise from Magnus that it would be returned. There was obviously some inner strife among the magi, with half the council livid that the party held a shard, the knowledge and investigation of which was expressly forbidden by the king. The other half of the council feigned ignorance and chalked it up to coincidence, but Sir Gaheris knows that there is something more going on.

Asher assisted with the tending of the king, and was approached by a member of the cult soliciting him to join. As a group that believes that magic and divine power comes from within, an oracle is a standing testament that they are right.

Elror met with the local elvish scouts and passed along the theory that the mercenary they are looking for may have just tried to kill the king. The description matches and he as in possession of an elvish grenade. The elves would like it back, Noc is reverse engineering it first.

Sir Rowan’s squire was found to have accepted money to allow a “fan” to see Sir Rowan’s jousting gear. The fan appears to have been the assassin, who used the opportunity to poison the lance. Sir Rowan was enraged and was going to have the lad hung as a traitor, but the party managed to talk him down and instead he released the boy from his service.

The following is the treasure from this session, for an updated list of what the party has kept, check and update the Wiki
Various sundry items such as daggers and equipment stolen from Merek’s camp. We’ll give it a value of 1,200 gold. I think Greg might have jotted down specific items, we’ll add the 1,200 gold to whatever he took down.

Other party gains
Knowledge of how elvish grenades work.
Gained rep with Magnus’s side of the magi council (Magnus Filgray, Alicia Thistledown, Llewellyn Dragonstaff)
Gained rep with the city of Valorstand
Gained rep with Lady Katharyn
Gained rep with the elves

Other party loses
Lost rep with Sir Merek
Lost rep with Corwin Stromes side of the magi council (Corwin Strome, Jacqueline Vicard, Elliot Lynch, Millicent Hawksworth)
Lost rep with Sir Merek

Experience: 2,200

Session 5 prologue (downtime and local happenings)
Life is a tourney, not a destination
  • Finally working together, the Lord DePalmer and Lady Umbrae have conducted several interviews. They haven’t gained much, they do know the mercenary was a plain looking man, about 6 feet tall with brown hair and eyes. Those that interacted with him found him friendly, but when pushed, such as when the mayor tried to withhold payment, his smile remained but the eyes got hard and dangerous. Late in the investigation a commoner came forward and claimed that he overheard the mercenary talking to a stranger on the road outside of town, the mercenary laughed and said he couldn’t believe he was actually going to get paid to test the goods. The other man was deeply hooded, tall and slender of build.

Mayor Harlew Wynt of Rondel was stripped of his title and land, Captain Ames is running the town in interim pending a new election. The Mayor was allowed to keep his home, but 10 of his 15 acres are up for auction, the proceeds of which will be divided among reparations to the Sprites, reward for the capturing of the mercenary, and town security (hiring more guardsmen, better equipment, etc.)

Rondel has printed fliers to post in nearby settlements and Valorstand, with a 500GP reward. The Elves have dispatched scouts to keep watch on the roads for anyone fitting the description, though with the tourney coming up in Valorstand it’s not likely they will have much luck any time soon.

  • The king’s first tournament is coming up, Sir Gaheris dispatched his retainers a few days ago to secure a prime location nearest the city to camp. Sir Gaheris and Cronweir are expected to attend the tourney, whether they participate in any of the high games is up to them. Sherman, while not expected to attend, knows that there will probably be quite a few nobility from house Ravenstorm in attendance.
  • The sprites have decided to move to the forest where the Scythe Tree was located, it’s deep in the brush, quiet, and since the rumors of the ‘demon tree’ had spread it’s not often men adventure into that area. They will send the odd emissary to Rondel to gather news on how the hunt for the mercenary is going.
  • With the Sprites leaving, the Halflings are looking forward to moving back closer to Rondel.
  • Lady Katharyn has asked the party to escort a wagon full of mundane goods to Valorstand when they go for the tournament.
  • Oliver Fitzgibbons, the son of Father Fitzgibbons is back from clergy training in Valorstand. There has been a marked change to his personality. He’s always jovial and friendly, but comes across as fake or forced, and there’s no emotion in his eyes.
Session 4 Epilogue
The Giving Tree

After delivering the Mayor’s demands that the party deal with the haunted town hall, he escorted Noc, Sherman, and Sir Gaheris to the building. As he reached to unlock the door, it swung open. Without further ado, the group entered, the door slammed shut and audibly locked behind them. Immediately things started to rattle and shake, Noc managed to catch a vase before it crashed to the ground. They set out clearing the first floor, accidentally breaking into the Mayor’s office to rummage around in some papers. Sherman was treated to a whispered message that they were going the wrong way. Moving to the basement, the building quieted except for a single low creak as a door opened at the far end of the jail cells. They moved closer, Noc removing the door from the hinges to prevent being trapped. Upon entering the room, the air was forced from their lungs and they passed out.

Sherman awoke in a juror’s room, the only living member, the other 11 occupants were skeletons. The offered him the position of head Juror which he eagerly accepted. He then decided to step outside the room into the court, but was rebuffed by the judge, a revenant. He went back to the juror’s office but decided the urge to evacuate his bowels had struck him (it hadn’t, but whose to prove him wrong). After some hassle, he ended up in a supply closet, which he destroyed and then used Prestidigitation to complete the allusion that he had finished his business. Meanwhile, the court waited impatiently.

Noc awoke in the jail, his only company being two other living souls and a skeletal jailer and guard dog. Noc ignored the calls from the other two prisoner’s and set about trying to escape, the jailer noticed his movement and walked down to investigate. Noc quickly reached out and disarmed the jailer of his scimitar and used it to jam the door shut. The jailer took up a position outside the jail and sent the dog upstairs for help.

Guards came down and took Noc upstairs where he recognized the Finelli brothers. The two newcomers, an elven barbarian and an aasimar battle oracle were seated behind Noc, their trials to come later. Once Sherman had finished his business and returned to his seat, Noc was accused of setting fire to a large textile factory that killed hundreds of innocents (the fire spread to other buildings). Noc denied the charges and laid out the full history of the Finelli brothers, but quickly realized the judge did not like the living and it appeared his mind was made up.

Noc called the brothers as witnessed, and as he started to question them he quickly drew hidden daggers and felled one of the brothers in a vicious attack.

Initiative was rolled.

Noc was grappled by the judge, and the four court guards joined the battle. The jurors had been won over by Sherman’s diplomacy and stayed out of the fight, seated around the head juror. A log battle ensued, the barbarian and oracle joining in the fray on the side of the party.

When the group was at last victorious, they only had a few moments to celebrate before Noc started to fade out and stretch, his body getting longer and fading up into the ceiling – the rest of the party started to fade as well, their bodies stretching to join Noc’s.

The awoke back in the Rondel jail, the building quiet. Taking stock of their situation, they realized their weapons appear to have brought back a bit of the Shadowfell, now linked to both the wielders and the land of the dead.

After a few days of recuperation, there was a knock at the Worg Bane Tower door and the Oracle answered to find a small sprite with a message. The green shard had been found – but it wasn’t going to be easy to retrieve, it was embedded into a [now] Mythic Scythe Tree. With the sprite as a guide the party set out.

Fighting a hellish amount of undergrowth deep in the forest, they came across the tree. It wasted no time in attacking, along with a slew of archer bushes it had placed for defense. It was a tough fight, the barbarian and Noc almost died and Mr. Peabody was destroyed. With judicial use of summons (fire elementals) and some tactical planning to give the party a good chance of hitting the tree, they emerged victorious. The oracle put out the fires, and the shard was retrieved.


Sherman’s initial detect magic on it revealed it emanated magic across all the arcane disciplines, but at the same time it registered divine magic as being present as well. It will take some research to determine what the shard is. It does appear to have been broken off something larger however.

The following is the treasure from this session, for an updated list of what the has kept, check and update the Wiki
0 pp, 71 gp, 409 sp, 311 cp

[200 gp] masterwork scale mail
[180 gp] masterwork tower shield

[75 gp] silver comb with ornate handle

[10 gp] agate
[9 gp] alabaster
[40 gp] moonstone
[100 gp] chrysoberyl
[7 gp] unworked rock crystal quartz (worth 3 gp; Craft (jewelry) DC 10 to repair)
[8 gp] turquoise
[10 gp] unworked malachite (worth 5 gp; Craft (jewelry) DC 10 to repair)
[50 gp] unworked ivory (worth 25 gp; Craft (jewelry) DC 12 to repair)

[25 gp] potion/oil of stabilize (CL 1)
[50 gp] potion/oil of protection from law (CL 1)
[50 gp] potion/oil of cure light wounds (CL 1)

[150 gp] divine scroll of darkness (CL 3)
[13 gp] divine scroll of resistance (CL 1)
[25 gp] divine scroll of cure light wounds (CL 1)
[25 gp] arcane scroll of endure elements (CL 1)

[750 gp] wand of shield of faith (CL 1)

[335 gp] masterwork light crossbow

Experience: 1,260 each

Session 4 prologue (downtime and local happenings)
28th of Endorost to the 7th of Demir

Spring has come in unseasonably warm, though occasionally the weather does exhibit some strangeness as it has since the Night of Wild Magic. The trees are budding, farmer’s are putting in their early crops.

Damage from the leaden snow has been repaired and the townsfolk have moved on to their typical day to day activities, a little easier now that there is no fear of the Apothecary shop trying to stomp on them. The PC’s are enjoying a good bit of local notoriety and fame.

  • With the roads drying out, the roads have reached a normal state of dangerous. The odd attack by bandits is no more than typical for this time of year.
  • The sprites are still sending out emissaries to the south, but recently a traveling monk in the pub mentioned that he saw a group of three sprites carrying another badly injured sprite back to the sprite’s camp. He looked in bad shape, the monk offered assistance but it was too late. As he left, he heard the sprites arguing among themselves about a “tree possessed” that had all but destroyed a sprite company that was searching for something.
  • A detachment from the Order of the Hearth arrived in Rondel a few days ago along with a Valorstand noble, Lord Devim DePalmer IV. Shortly after a contingent of well armed and armored elves seemed to melt out of the local forest to the east of town, among them the regal Lady Embrae. The initial interaction in Rondel was cool, Lord DePalmer isn’t known for his love of elves, and the elves embrace a typical air of nobility when dealing with humans.
  • The official meeting between Lord DePalmer and Lady Embrae has stalled. The only suitable place to hold the meeting is the town government building (housing the mayor’s office, court, jail, and conference room), but the elves are balking at entering it due to some perceived wrongness. One of the guards mentioned that while usually quiet during the day, the last time the PC’s were at the courthouse there was activity. Maybe they can help?
  • The Manticore King has decreed that a great festival will be held in three weeks, with food and events for everyone, the shining star of the show is the first of four tourney’s that will be held to ultimately find the strongest and bravest man the realm has to offer. Rumor has it that the king has a special assignment for the winner.
  • (5/4/2016) Lady Katharyn is still in Rondel and interested in the parties foray into another realm (if I recall, I think you guys brought something back for her?).

As always, if there are any questions leave a comment and I’ll add more detail.

Session 3 Epilogue
House Cleaning

The Dinner Party

The party picked investigated the rumor that the strange noises from Father Fitzgibbons barn had ceased. This was concerning because the prevailing local myth was that Father Fitzgibbon’s son Oliver had been somehow altered by the Night of Wild Magic, and had been locked in the barn. The party met a newcomer, a half elf named William that was passing through Rondel, an advance scout for the Elven entourage that is scheduled to arrive in Rondel soon to investigate the use of an Elven grenade in the deaths of several river sprites. Tasked to make sure the area was safe, William threw in with the party. Deciding to investigate, the party put a plan together.

Sir Gaheris and Sherman, being of noble blood, would get an invite to the Vicar’s Manse for dinner one evening. Noc would act as the security detail for the nobles, investigating outside while the others probed for information during dinner, he was looking for information and barn access. William would sneak onto the property and attempt to gain access to the barn via subterfuge.

During the dinner, Sir Gaheris and Sherman managed to steer the conversation and gather several important facts:

  • Father Fitzgibbons maintains that Oliver was sent to Valorstand prior to the Night of Wild Magic, but he is expecting a visit soon.
  • Father Fitzgibbons grew noticeably nervous when questioned about St. Cuthbert. He certainly knew all the right things to say, but there was a sense of guilt or shame about him during the conversation.
  • Left alone at the table for a few minutes, questioning the service staff revealed that a strange priest of unknown religious ties had visited the manse just prior to the sounds in the barn stopping.
  • Remembering that a strange priest had been seen in town talking to Gelan Went, Sir Gaheris and Sherman asked Father Fitzgibbons if he had met with any of the strange priests that had been seen in the area and he said no.

William opened up the plan by stumbling as he tried to sneak onto the premises. Playing it off as an accident, he was escorted off the property with wishes for safe travels, and he successfully gained access to the property from further down the road. Gaining access to the barn’s roof from a nearby tree, William entered the second floor of the barn and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Moving downstairs he noted that the floor was covered in fresh sawdust and everything was very organized and clean. Searching the area however, he found a few oddities, one stall was badly scarred and there was a heavy timber buried in the ground at the rear, two rusty bolts installed into it. Under a bale of hay he found some rusty manacles of a large size, and near the indoor water pump he found some well washed glass vials.

Noc was left near the stables with the stable boy, how was obviously there to keep an eye on him. With some gentle prodding, Noc got the boy to all but admit that something shady was going on with the whole barn incident, but the boy would offer no details. Noc managed to get into the boy’s good graces, and indeed the lad looked up to him – but there was no prying any more information, Noc sensed that he was afraid of something. Noc gave the stable boy a bottle of fine liquor, not realizing the kid was an alcoholic. The stable boy left to go drink, making a point to imply that he would not be back for some time.

Noc picked the lock on the chain barring access to the barn, and rendezvoused with William inside. Will passed along what he had found, Noc realized the deep scarring in the stall appeared to be made by something with four fingers and an opposable thumb. Being familiar with alchemy, he also found some residue in one of the vials and identified it as a strong tranquilizer, typically used for large animals.

Noc gathered one piece of scarred wood from the stall, the vial with residue, and the manacles and headed out to confront Father Fitzgibbons. He waited outside the house until the dinner was concluded and the party was leaving. In the meantime, William discovered what appeared to be some kind of ritual circle painted on the floor in the barn, animal blood (probably sheep or ram) dried in the center.

As Sir Gaheris and Sherman left the manse, Noc presented his evidence to the Father. Visibly shaken, Father Fitzgibbons none-the-less stuck to a story about one of his prized bulls being affect by the Night of Wild Magic. He claims they kept it chained and tranquilized in the barn because it was a valuable beast, hoping that the affects of madness and brutal growth would wear off. They did not and it was recently butchered. Noc pointed out that the scarring on the wood was not that of a hoofed animal, the Father stated that it was just a coincidence in how the beast thrashed in the stall.

Getting pressed for more information, the Father turned the discussion to whether or not he should call the town guard and report Noc for burglary. Sir Gaheris and Sherman managed to talk the priest down, but probably lost their invite to dinner after Oliver’s return.

House Cleaning

Turning their attention to Webb’s Apothecary, the party investigated the building and discovered that the mirror was a portal to an alternate demonic dimension that mirrored Rondel in almost every way… except that under the illusion, the alternate Rondel consisted of decrepit and over grown buildings and the people were really demons of different types. Whatever magic was causing this however, was strong enough that the demons truly wanted to be the people they were mimicking from the real realm – so the party was able to move freely.

The first thing they noticed upon arriving in the alternate dimension was a serious lack of mirror. They were standing just in front of where the mirror should have been, but it was not. Alternate Leshanna Webb was not as crazy as her real world counterpart and let slip that the mirror went out for repair over a year ago. Some moderate scratches in the floor showed where something heavy was dragged out of the building. Further questioning caused Leshanna to let slip that the Mayor had taken it.

The party travelled to the Government building of Rondel, where they had to both fight their way inside, and fight their way into the mayor’s office. The mayor was a Shadow Demon, glamoured to look and act like the mayor of real world Rondel. The “Mayor” was seated in front of the mirror, holding what appeared to be a green glowing shard. He was waiting for the shard to charge fully so he could take control of the Apothecary in Rondel and “drive” it around the town, hoping he can step on a few people this time – he’s been practicing. The party learned that the shard was slowly draining the magic ability from the towns demons, but the party didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects.

Dispatching the mayor, they dragged the mirror back to demonic-Leshanna’s apothecary and stepped back through with the shard – which immediately crumbled to dust. Leshanna was no longer insane, and they learned that she had been scrying with the mirror on the Night of Wild Magic and the last thing she remembers seeing was a reflecting of the green shard in the mirror.

Leshanna gave the party a pavilion that once belonged to her great grandfather, an explorer of some repute.

Session Experience: 3,400 exp each (1,000 for Dinner Party, 2,400 for House Cleaning
Session Boons: Purchase alchemical potions, etc from Leshanna at 1/2 price, subject to what she has in stock (ask and I’ll randomly generate her supply)

Reputation Changes

  • Mayor despises you just a little less (giving him the alternate dimension mayor bust
  • Captain Ames has increased respect for the party
  • Father Fitzgibbons dislikes the party*

Session Loot
1473 gp, 210 sp, 800 cp
Oil of Magic Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
Potion of Enlarge Person (cr, 50 gp)
Potion of Invisibility (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Jump (cr, 50 gp)
Potion of Reduce Person (cr, 50 gp)
Scroll of Protection from Chaos (cr, 25 gp)
Wand of Dancing Lights (cr, 375 gp)
Wand of Prestidigitation (cr, 375 gp)

Mayor’s Guards
Oil of Warp Wood (cr, 300 gp)
Wand of Produce Flame (cr, 750 gp)
Set of six ivory dice (30 gp)
Oil of Magic Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
Potion of Vanish (apg, 50 gp)
Scroll of Grease (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Resistance (cr, 12 gp 5 sp)

Minor Guards
Oil of Bless Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
Oil of Light (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Virtue (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Magic Missile (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Hide from Animals (cr, 50 gp)
Wand of Detect Magic (cr, 375 gp)
Potion of Guidance (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Bleed (cr, 12 gp 5 sp)

Leshanna Reward
Oil of Arcane Mark (cr, 25 gp)
Oil of Daylight (cr, 750 gp)
Oil of Light (cr, 25 gp)
Oil of Purify Food and Drink (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Barkskin (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Eagle’s Splendor (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Invisibility (cr, 300 gp)
Unguent of Timelessness (150 gp)

Leshanna from Rondel reward
Expedition Pavilion
Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
This ordinary-looking, windowless tent appears to cover only a 10-foot-by-10-foot area, but, inside, it measures a full 30 feet by 30 feet, with a large central area and three small “bedrooms” (separated by curtains) along the back wall. The interior can be lit on command, and can be adjusted from normal darkness as per the spell light. Occupants inside the tent cannot be seen, heard, or smelled by creatures outside.

The temperature inside the expedition pavilion is 70° F if the exterior temperature is between 50° and 90° F. For every degree the exterior temperature is below 50° or above 90°, the interior temperature decreases or increases, respectively, by 1°. The pavilion also provides protection against the elements, such as rain, dust, and sandstorms. The pavilion withstands any wind of less than hurricane force, but a hurricane (75+ mph wind speed) or greater force destroys it. The pavilion can only be set up once per day, requiring 10 minutes to erect or dismantle. The tent cannot be dismantled while magical items are inside it, though it will store mundane items.

Session 3 Prologue (Downtime and Local Happenings)
27th of Midorost to the 26th of Endorost

The end of winter is here and the first day of spring is right around the corner. The days are warming up and the ground can be seen where the snow has started to melt. There was some damage to the local buildings from the leaden snow that has been getting repaired this month, to include the Worg’s Bane Tower. The party made an ally of both Capt. Ames and the sprites by stopping the Redcap from killing any more humans, but the town at large doesn’t know the full story (at the request of Capt. Ames). There was some small reputation gain in slowing the sprites thievery however.

Here’s the latest happenings, feel free to chime in with a comment if your characters pursued any of this in their downtime. If it’s something you want kept off the table, you can email me or send a message through Obsidian Portal (the little envelop/chat bubble on the top bar) to Bad_Mojo.

  • With the snow starting to melt off, there’s been a slight uptick in the frequency of bandit attacks. This is normal this time of year as the any but the main road is largely potholed and slush/mud from the farther towns which means slower travel for wagons and more opportunity to waylay them.
  • The sprites have slowed their thievery and pranks drastically, and local fishermen have noted that bands of sprites seem to be going out on search parties to the south.
  • Webb’s apothecary crashed into the center of town, jumped over a traveling merchants wagon, then kicked the wagon over and ran back to it’s normal spot and settled down again. It seems to be getting a little more control and isn’t so much a lumbering building anymore, it seems to move with greater purpose.
  • The court case against Webb’s Apothecary is rolling again, the traveling merchant was non other than the infamous (as far as merchants go) Lady Katharan, and she is demanding satisfaction. Gelan Went is a bit miffed because he’s been waiting for months and is just about destitute. He’s been ranting in the town square about the unfair double standard between how nobles are treated and the way the common man is treated. Three days ago a smiling man in a clergy’s robe approached Gelan after one of his rants and they spoke in private for several hours. Gelan hasn’t had another rant, but aside from that he’s angrier and bolder than usual and frequently speaks out against king and clergy.
  • It’s been confirmed that an elven emissary is indeed travelling to Rondel and may already be camped in the woods east of town. The capital of Valorstand has dispatched an emissary of their own to handle the event.
  • The Manticore King has promised a series of fine events to be run through the spring, summer, and fall this year. Everything from circuses to tourney’s to wine festivals. This has upset some of the population and it’s common to hear grumblings on the road and in local pubs about the kingdoms misuse of taxes.
  • News is spreading that one of the Hippogriff knights that protect the realms interests in Iyarlaan flew into the capital city with much haste, some reports say both the rider and the mount showed signs of battle. There is no word yet on what this means, though speculation and rumor is spreading that the barbarian horde may be rising again.
  • (Update 03/29/2016) While supping in the Tall John’s Long Gone tavern, the party overhears someone mention that they haven’t heard any noises from the Vicar’s barn recently, in fact they can’t recall the last time they heard noises. The party remembers that the Vicar’s son went missing on the Night of Wild Magic, and at that time the Vicar locked and barred his barn, from which occasional noises would come, guttural and low, he explained it away as a rabid horse he was trying to heal through prayer. Father Fitzgibbons’s demeanor has also changed, he’s no longer on edge and seems more relaxed.
Session 2 Epilogue
The River Sprites Revenge

With the recent slaying of four patrolling Rondel guards, the party decided to investigate and made the connection between the small shriveled humanoid the Sprites were seen with and this recent crime. Sir Gaheris used his noble status combined with his reputation for the Tall John adventure to talk to the town guard and Captain Ames, they realized the guard had come to the same conclusion but due to the small humanoid magically concealing it’s prints the investigation had stalled.

The party approached the Sprite community to see if they could glean any new information. Initially met with trepidation, between Noc‘s dirty limrick and toys and Sherman’s easy words, the sprite elder opened up a bit and admitted that they had hired a redcap to terrorize the town, but insisted that they did not want murder in the equation. The sprites had misjudged the redcap’s hatred of human’s and human settlements. During the conversation the party discovered a few key pieces of information about redcap’s as well as something about a shard flying through the air on the Night of Wild Magic that had picked up the sprites as it flew over their home and deposited them near Rondel. Some of the sprites had joined the redcap, and armed with a rough location to start searching, Alphred and Noc took some time to gear the party with mixtures and cold iron before they set out.

After an uneventful 6 hour ride deep into the forest, the group was engaged by a voice in the shrubbery demanding to know from where they hailed. Noc noted several shadowy forms moving deep in the trees on each side of the old wagon trail they were following. Sherman admitted that the party was traveling from Rondel, driving the incensed sprite swarm to attack along with their Kobold mercenary allies. The party fought valiantly, with Noc, Sherman, and Alphred attacking the swarm with area weapons (in Noc‘s case, his own burning body) while Sir Gaheris charged the nearest Kobold, since they were now a threat having moved into position and peppering the party with arrows. The only casualty was Sir Gaheris’ horse, which was shot out from under him.

After recovering from the short fight, the group followed the kobold tracks in the snow until they picked up on the scent of cookfires. Noc scouted ahead and found the overgrown homestead that they were looking for, it’s violent past something that would draw the redcap. In the center of the ruined buildings were several capfires, two surrounded by kobolds and two used by gnolls. The group was substantial, Noc counted a half a dozen Gnolls and almost double that in kobolds. He snuck around to the far side of the camp and managed to lob a packet of opium into one of the kobold fires before heading back to the party.

By the time Noc lead the group back to the ruins, three of the kobolds had been killed by one of the Gnolls for acting out. Several other kobolds were visibly feeling the affects of the opium. The party took cover behind a nearby rocky ridge and planned their attack. They opened negotiations with NOC throwing caltrops from the roof of a nearby ruin, while the rest of the party attacked from afar in an attempt to goad the gnolls and kobolds into running through them. Alphred‘s early alchemical bomb and Sherman’s well placed sleep spell skewed the fight into the parties favor (not to mention four very stoned kobolds). Sir Gaheris provided long range support with his bow. With Mr. Peabody tanking the fight was going very well and when it was down to just two standing Gnolls the party picked up on a strange sound crashing through the woods towards the battle: CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG….

As the last Gnoll dropped, the redcap and a peryton appeared on the edge of the old settlement. Sherman sent Mr. Peabody to delay them, but sadly Mr. Peabody went down under a combined attack of scythe, boot, hooves and antlers – but it was enough to buy the party some time as the redcap and peryton stopped to deal with the eidolon. Noc darted behind a fence and took cover, hoping to ambush the duo as they ran past. Sir Gaheris fired off a blanched arrow at the peryon and Alphred managed to drop two alchemical bombs on the peryton, between the two of them injuring it badly. Meanwhile Sherman charged in and got close enough to summon a celestial chicken in the hopes that it would be enough to buy the party another round of action.

Unfortunately, a flyby attack from the peryton allowed it to destroy the chicken and with it’s considerable speed it managed to close on Alphred and Sir Gaheris, the redcap followed suit and at the end of the round both were within striking range of two of the party. A combined effort managed to drop the peryton, and Sir Gaheris bravely pulled his sword and stepped up to engage the redcap. The round ended with Sir Gaheris dropping under the full attack of the redcap, forcing the party to rethink it’s strategy. Noc wasn’t sure he wanted to get close enough to the redcap to attack, but ultimate decided to engage and scored a couple of hits. Alphred was at a loss, he had not blanched his bolts or spear so his physical attacks were being resisted, but he pulled his spear anyway to try to flank the redcap for Noc, he also poured a potion down Sir Gaheris’ throat, bring him back to the realm of the conscious. Meanwhile Sherman vanished into thin air.

The redcap turned and attacked Noc, scoring a hit with its scythe but missing with it’s heavily armored boot. Noc retaliated and managed to do a great deal of damage. Alphred managed to strike the redcap with his spear but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get past its defenses. Sherman moved in and ripped the cap off the redcap’s head, enraging it. In possession of the cap, Sherman then ran around the corner of a nearby ruin, just barely escaping a retaliatory strike from the redcap. The redcap gave chase, now ignoring Alphred and Noc, who moved in to finish it off shortly after.

When the party returned to Rondel and met with the Capt. Ames, there was increased paranormal activity in the courthouse and at one point the heavy front door slammed into Noc even though there was no wind.

Session Experience: 2,250

Session Loot:
Masterwork Elysian Bronze Scythe (1,318 gp)
+1 Darkleaf cloth leather armor (small) (1,760 gp)
2x Potion of Pass Without Trace (50gp each)
2x Potion of Endure Elements (50 gp each)
2x Potion of Sanctuary 3rd level (150 gp each)
Arctic Kit (small) (27 gp)
Survival Kit (5gp)
Bag of jewelry belonging to townsfolk

Peryton/Redcap hoard
Coins 47 gp
Magic Items
Scroll of Call Lightning (cr, 375 gp)
Scroll of Spider Climb (cr, 150 gp)
Wand of Detect Magic (cr, 375 gp)
Wand of True Strike (cr, 750 gp) (design provides clue to function)
Total value = 1650 gp
Total value 1697 gp

6x leather armor
10x leather armor (small)
16x spears
46 gp

Kobold Mercenaries
4x Masterwork Leather (small)
3x Composite Shortbows (+2 str)
4x Short Swords
68 arrows
50 gp

Town Reward: 500 gp

Session Boons: The sprites will try to track down where the shard fell from the sky.

Session 2 Prologue (downtime and local happenings)
9th day of Midorost through 26th day of Midorost

Your party spent two days tracking and retrieving Tall John, rolling back into town on the evening of the 8th day of Midorost. Since that adventure was concluded, we’ll run real-time down time and the next session will pick up on the 27th day of Midorost (if we have to break mid adventure, we’ll obviously suspend time).

If anyone wants to comment below with that they have been doing for the last 18 days, feel free.

Keep an eye on this spot, it’s where I’ll drop any local happenings and news until we get together on Feb 5th.

There are 28 days in each month, so we’ll be right at the end of Midorost and only a couple of days from Endorost. The weather is still cold, so bundle up.

  • A merchant caravan was attacked by thieves as it traveled from Rondel to Valorstand with a load of dwarven goods. Investigation revealed it was probably just the typical road gangs that crop up occasionally.
  • A patrol of four guards out of Rondel was ambushed by a small band of humanoids just to the east of town as they conducted their weekly wellness checks on the surrounding inhabitants. All four guards were killed. Investigation revealed humanoid footprints belonging to Kobolds, Bugbears and the like, as well as one set of prints that that appear to be heavily armored boots. Investigation is ongoing.
  • Webb’s apothecary had another walkabout, this time running full sprint through the town, out the gate on the other side (near Worg Bane Tower) then crashing through the forest around the town to settle back in it’s original spot. Nobody was injured and there was no real property damage.
  • The court case against Webb’s Apothecary is stalled, Mayor Wynte really doesn’t want to sit through that kind of circus. Gelan Went however, is still without his livelihood and is pushing for recompense.
  • Rumors have circulated that an Elven emissary is travelling to Rondel to investigate the mercenary that Rondel hired to handle the sprite problem. Elves are known to be highly protective of their technology, most of all their grenades which are highly dangerous and volatile if not handled properly. A random mercenary with an Elven grenade is an issue the Elves will want to pursue.
  • There are rumblings of a new religious order gaining some popularity in the rural areas of the land. They maintain that the Night of Wild Magic was punishment from the gods for something or another and have taken it upon themselves to force compliance to their strict edicts. This story is not collaborated by any other religious faction. Their growth is slow due to the weather, but will probably quicken come spring.
Session 1 Epilogue
Tall John's Long Gone

The party initially wanted to investigate the haunting in the courthouse, but Sherman’s eidolon suggested that they look into the disappearance of Tall John instead. Noc, who was already a bit hesitant about the courthouse, agreed that Tall John should be the first order of business. Sir Gaheris, a visiting noble staying in town to document the aftermath of the Night of Wild Magic agreed to accompany the group, since there was plenty of unexplained oddness about the disappearance and it afforded an opportunity to get closer to Noc for an impromptu interview. Checking out Worg Bane Tower, John’s naked footprints traveled north into the forest but quickly vanished under new snow, making them too hard for the local constabulary to follow. Aside from being without shoes in the freezing winter, John left all his weapons, armor, and survival gear in the tower as well. The party left town traveling north from Worg Bane Tower, with Noc tracking Tall John’s path through the snowy woods. They quickly realized the weather was a worthy adversary, slowing the party and fatiguing them quickly.

After fending off a pack of feral dogs and taking refuge in an Ice Troll cave, the party finally found Tall John – or what he had become. He had mutated slowly into a carnivorous half man, half stag creature, completely losing his mind and becoming a feral monster. Interrupting the beast’s meal of freshly killed Grizzly, the group had no choice but to engage. Because of their close work with the Night of Wild Magic, It quickly became apparent to Sherman and Sir Gaheris that Tall John, like the party, was a being of mythical power. After a brief battle, the party emerged victorious and took the head of the beast as well as a locket known to belong to the Ranger, retrieved from a nearby cave.

The return to town was highlighted with an attack from a small pack of wolves led by a large Worg. Sir Gaheris was unhorsed early in the attack but managed to survive the fall and the beasts were beaten. Once back in town Noc went immediately to the Black Hart Inn to see if the head of Tall John would be a suitable replacement for the talkative stag’s head in the common room. It was and the innkeep is debating changing the name of the Inn to “Tall John’s Long Gone” out of respect for the ranger.

Sir Gaheris and Sherman took the locket to Captain Ames, proving that Tall John was no more, the party has been invited to move into the Worg Bane Tower for the time being, and help protect the town from wolves, cougar’s, bears and the like. Sir Gaheris had been looking for a place to house his retainers while he is out logging dangerous effects of the Night of Wild Magic and Worg Bane Tower fits the bill nicely. Sherman has been living the life of a poor scholar and welcomes the opportunity to move into a nicer place (if a drafty old tower with a slowly collapsing roof and rotting shutters could be called ‘nicer’). After advising the guards, Sir Gaheris and Sherman met Noc at the Inn, and proceeded to regale the customers with tales of bravery and danger, further increasing the groups local reputation.

Session Experience

Session Loot:
Coins 51 gp, 110 sp, 900 cp

Masterwork Items
1. Masterwork Heavy Wooden Shield (157 gp)
2. Masterwork Scale Mail (200 gp)
3. Masterwork Sling (300 gp)
Total value = 657 gp

Magic Items
1. Oil of Mage Armor (cr, 50 gp)
2. Oil of Magic Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
3. Potion of Reduce Person (cr, 50 gp)
4. Scroll of Spark (apg, 12 gp 5 sp)
Total value = 162 gp 5 sp

Total value 890 gp 5 sp



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