Lord Devim DePalmer IV


A noble from Valorstand, Devim has been dispatched to attend to the concerns the elves have about the human who allegedly had one of their grenades – a technology they strive to keep out of the hands of humans, whom they consider brash to a fault.

Lord DePalmer is a typically spoiled, entitled noble who believes he is destined for greatness both in politics and war. An able fighter, he is quick to challenge those he believes have wronged him. He still lives, many of them do not. There is rampant rumors that he cheats in his duels but there’s no hard evidence that it’s true. He is quick to lend his voice to any grumblings for war, and often pushes for the kingdom to declare war on the barbarian hordes.

DePalmer speaks down to all men but the king and the king’s closest advisers and support.

Lord Devim DePalmer IV

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