Lady Katharan

Lesser noble, runs a merchant company.


Lady Katharan is the youngest of several children to a noble house in Valorstand. With little to no hope of ever being escalated to a position of power, she has eschewed the normal “learn to be a noble lady and marry a rich noble” mentality and has instead started her own traveling mercantile business. She operates a network of trade routes on Engweald and rumor has it she’s been trying to get a stable trade route with the barbarians on Iyarlaan. She has become an adventurer of some repute and often travels with one of her caravans help protect it and to insure her employees are not stealing from the til. In addition to established routes designed to move food and spices, she also operates a few routes that carry odd items such as shrunken heads, ancient relics from lost tombs, etc.

She was in Rondel when the apothecary kicked over her wagon. Lady Katharan escaped harm but lost many goods. She and her crew are currently staying at the Tall John’s Long Gone inn, awaiting trial.


Lady Katharan

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