His Royal Highness Thomas Starhewen (The Manticore King)


King Thomas has ruled Valoreign for 83 years, taking the throne at age 12 and producing the longest reign in the kingdom’s history. He is a man of contradictions: bright yet reckless, jovial yet temperamental, passionate yet self-centered, full of faith yet unbound to a diety. The Night of Wild Magic reinforced these contradictions by reverting King Thomas to his 17-year-old self, though he retains 95 years of memories and experiences. King Thomas is presently unmarried.

King Thomas has five children (Theodore, Josie, Percival, Miranda, and Brantley), all fruits of his first marriage to the late Lady Nora Brantham, whom Thomas divorced sixty years ago. His Majesty’s five children are in their sixties and seventies, and all have children and grandchildren of their own. For years, King Thomas used potions of longevity to prolong his life, and his recent transformation during the Night of Wild Magic pretty well ensures that—barring unfortunate happenstance—he will outlive all five of his children.


His Royal Highness Thomas Starhewen (The Manticore King)

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