Session 9 Epilogue

Romancing the Stone

Agreeing to find the stone, the party sets off into the Darklands, battling spiders and trolls. They eventually find themselves in the den of a band of Arach’s examining a strange stone. After a great battle, the party retrieves the sacred stone.

Coins 20 pp, 415 gp, 70 sp, 1000 cp

Citrine (35 gp)
Green Spinel (50 gp)
Jade (120 gp)
Topaz (600 gp)
Zircon (50 gp)
Total value = 855 gp

Art Objects
2 x Carved stone idol (30 gp)
Decorated electrum plate (110 gp)
Ivory drinking horn with copper ends (60 gp)
Ivory drinking horn with silver ends (110 gp)
Platinum holy symbol (500 gp)
Total value = 840 gp

Masterwork Items
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (170 gp)
Masterwork Trident (315 gp)
Total value = 485 gp

Magic Items
Breastplate (+1 armor, Mirrored) (4350 gp)
Chime of Opening (3000 gp)
Mistmail (2250 gp)


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