Session 8 Prologue

Fantasy Island

After sorting out the horde uprising by forming a treaty with the barbarians, the king is less than pleased. He does not trust the barbarians but what’s done is done.

He gifts the party the volcanic jungle island of Tortage, and bids them to clear it so the royal engineers can begin designing and building a military settlement there, as a first responder to any future barbarian attack.

Arriving at the island, the party talks to their new(ish) friend, Captain Honest Jack the Liar, who tells them that nobody has ever been able to settle the island because it’s protected by an old god that is rumored to be entombed somewhere deep below in the Darklands. They agree that Captain Jack can be the harbor master for the new settlement if he assists the party by clearing the jungle of pygmies, while the party goes below.


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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