Session 15 Prologue

Millificient (see what I did there?)

Pondering why Merek would be this far from home, the party discovers a letter on his person that answers a few questions.

I’ve learned that the group is in town. You will destroy them, all of them. You will then load their corpses into barrels and smuggle them out of the city to the Oak Tower ruin clearing where you will deliver them to me so I can make sure they are never found and martyred. Upon delivery, your part is done and you can report back to Valorstand.


Millicent is a name the party knows, she’s a member of the Valorstand magi council.

To recap on the council:

Good guys: Magnus (missing), Llewellyn (deceased), and Alicia (deceased)
Bad Guys: Corwin, Millicent, Elliot, and Jaqueline


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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