Session 14 Prologue

How *not* to handle secret notes

Standing among the bodies of those that had been harassing the party, as well as the killer of Lady Llewellyn, the party can’t help but feel that there is no way such a rag tag group of thugs could be the mastermind behind their troubles in Nirvan.
A search of the Warpriest’s body (the Warpriest being the one that seemed to be officiating this meeting) reveals a letter.

You and your men are to watch for these “heroes” of Valorstand and if they attempt to meet with His Royal Highness Marciveau then you must ensure that they never leave Nirvan.  If you can eliminate Lady Llewellyn as well, we have been promised a sizable bonus.  Careful with that one though, she’s a potent caster.
Burn this letter when you are done reading it.
-C. V.

The party has no idea who C. V. is, but they do remember that His Royal Highness Kristophe had mentioned that there was an ongoing investigation into the rioting.
Aside from that, there are no identifying insignia or marks on the rest of the bodies. It does seem odd that they act and fight in a way that would lead one to believe that they have been trained to work together, these seem more like trained mercenaries than the typical low-skill thugs that band together in a cities alleys.


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