Session 13 Epilogue

Backstabbery is afoot!

The player’s arrive in Nirvan to massive riots and protests, the people shouting that the party should be tried and executed for crimes against the state. Loaded into a carriage escorted by armed guards, they set off towards the castle.

The path along the roads is slow going, with the crowds reluctant to part for the wagon, and the guards reluctant to injure any civilians, especially with women and children in the crowd. While passing a side street, the carriage is ambushed by trained grapplers, musketeer’s on the rooftops, and two flying mages. After a difficult fight (for the bad guys), the party manages to wake the guards and hustle to the castle.

Once inside they are met by the King and Queen. They are surprised to see Lady Llewellyn there as well, one of the Valrostand Council of Magi that is assisting the players with the investigation of the night of wild magic. The king insists on a feast before business and the players are given a place to sleep.

The next night the feast is in full swing, and while Sherman wows the crowd with tales of the parties prowess, an invisible assassin executes Lady Llewellyn, right at the banquet table. The noble start to protest the player’s, believing them to be involved, but Sherman manages to calm them. Meanwhile, a servant is roughly shoved aside by something invisible at the back of the room, and the party gives chase.

Tracking the assassin through the dark city streets, they come upon a hideout and proceed to lay waste to all within.


Bad_Mojo Bad_Mojo

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