Session 15 Prologue
Millificient (see what I did there?)

Pondering why Merek would be this far from home, the party discovers a letter on his person that answers a few questions.

I’ve learned that the group is in town. You will destroy them, all of them. You will then load their corpses into barrels and smuggle them out of the city to the Oak Tower ruin clearing where you will deliver them to me so I can make sure they are never found and martyred. Upon delivery, your part is done and you can report back to Valorstand.


Millicent is a name the party knows, she’s a member of the Valorstand magi council.

To recap on the council:

Good guys: Magnus (missing), Llewellyn (deceased), and Alicia (deceased)
Bad Guys: Corwin, Millicent, Elliot, and Jaqueline

Session 14 Epilogue
The fall of the house of Merek

The party returns to the castle and met with the king, who summoned his investigators to look at the note. The investigators are familiar with C. V., one Count Vengence, a fake name used by the rebel that has been most successful rousing the public and prodding them into rioting. After about a week of investigating, the king’s men have identified the most likely area of the city for C. V.’s hideout, the slums.

Realizing the party can operate just outside the law, the king offers whatever assistance they need to get through the city, but bids them do what needs to be done to find this “C. V.”

William and Noc decide to disguise themselves as investigators, while Elror travels as a guard. Upon arriving near the slums, they change into more appropriate clothing. The first order of business was to have open dialog in the various inn’s and tavern’s, to see if they could gather any intel. After a few days of political banter within the party (Noc taking the side of anti-aristocracy, and Elror and William the opposite), they catch mumblings from the other patrons, that Noc must work for C. V. They were on the right track.

To help get on the good side of an otherwise skittish and nervous population, the party opened a storefront and started to clothe the poor. It wasn’t long before they were visited by local thugs looking for protection money. Noc paid them and gave them masterwork pants. Elror inquired about becoming an enforcer for their boss and was told they would come back in a week for the next installment of protection money and let him know if their boss is hiring. William took to the rooftops and followed the thugs.

Continuing down the street, the thugs took money from all the local businesses. At a bakery, the proprietor didn’t have the cash, and the thugs pushed her inside. William waited on a nearby rooftop as the woman was savagely beaten. When the thugs returned to the street William continued to follow.
At the end of their shift, they entered a Tavern. Watching a while, William realized the tavern had posted sentries, and judging by the way they were operating, realized that this is likely the local thieves guild. Not wanting to push his luck, he headed back to the parties shop.

The group upped their presence by handing out pamphlets detailed much of what they knew about the Night of Wild Magic. They opened their doors to the stories of those in the slum. Most of the poor tried to scam the group, but they did learn of a few stories that may be legitimate. Not long after the thugs returned for protection money. Noc paid them and gave them some masterwork thieves tools he had made. They advised Elror that he was welcome to come and meet with their boss, and with some convincing they allowed Noc and William to accompany.

At the thieves guild, Noc and William were told to sit down and color, and William was taken into a back room where he was surrounded by thieves and the door barred behind him. The guildmaster tossed a scroll is his direction, Elror opened it to see a wanted poster for the group with a 10,000 gold reward. Without mincing words, the guildmaster asked Elror why Noc, a thief, was freelance operating in his slum. After a bit of discussion the guildmaster called in Noc and William and in short order it became known they were after C.V.

The guildmaster bade them good luck and showed them the door. A little bit of pervasivness revealed the guildmaster knew where C.V.‘s compund was, but after tangling with his men once, he was in no hurry to put himself on the bad side of C.V. again. The party convinced him to assist by offering him the opportunity of setting up a thieves guild in the neutral port of New Saltharbor, on Tortage. While there is some risk that the port may not stay neutral, the possible reward of having a guild that can operate outside the laws of both Valoreign and Nirvan was too good to pass up. The guildmaster was given a note for Captain Jack and the pygmy king’s boar spear as proof. In return the party was given the location of the compound as well as other information such as (a) the position of external guards and (b) that most of the thugs lived in surrounding apartments.

The party decided to sneak in through the sewers, which went well. Once in the privvy, William cast Blink on Noc, who then scouted the area while vanished, which worked until he hit an alarm spell triggering on the invisibile. With the bad guys now on the move, Noc blinked through walls and headed upstairs, where at the end of the hall the doors burst open and…

Sir Merek charged out, armor plating growing from a brooch to encase him in full plate. He pulled two large sized two-handed swords off his back as a Bard (C. V.) stepped out beside him. Hearing movement in the other rooms, Noc set the stairs on fire and summoned an illusion of fire elementals before retreating down the stairs.

The party fought a hard battle on the main floor against two gravity elementals and an obsidian golem, as well as a few common thugs. By almost destoying an earth elemental in the first round, they caused it to retreat and lock down the area in increased gravity, everyone including bad guys failed their saves and were unable to take a movement action. Noc was outside the radius, and Elror beat the STR check to get free, between them and Williams ranged attacks, they started to whittle down the opposition. The death of the obsidian golem (and the subsequent incredibly brutal explosion) pretty much finished up most of the bad guys and left Elror and William bloodied.
Hearing the sounds of combat fading upstairs, and noticing the rush of water down the staircase, they used a few rounds to prepare and heal. Elror used a tree token to block one square of stairwell egress, and Noc brought up illusory guards. A troupe of Warpriests and Sorcerers came down the stairs, and the fight was on.

The sorcerers cast pit spells at the bottom of the stairs, which proved worse for the warpriests than the party, 3 of the 4 of them ended up in the pit. With some back and forth, Noc managed to get onto the stairs while Elror and William were kept at bay by the pit. With ranged attacks Elror kept the warpriests in the pit from climbing up, and William let loose spells at the remaining warpriest on the stairs. Noc, now among the bad guys, finished off the warpriest, realized he didn’t see the sorcerers anymore, and happened to notice the bard and Merek coming down the stairs. Merek wore a blindfold over his eyes.

The sorcers reappear behind Merk and glitter dust Noc, blinding him. Noc and Merek trade blows but noone is hit. William flies over to assist, and in one round is bloodied again and has to retreat. Noc, no longer blinded, drops a smoke screen and steps back down into the hallway.

The next round the pits go away and Merek, in a rage, charges Elror and lands a coupe of devestating blows, nearly felling the Elven barbarian. Noc steps in and manages to strike Merek twice, the second hit bringing Merek down to -1 hitpoint, he proceed to kill him.

15,466 – You guys are now level 8

Gorum’s Thorn (L): This forge-blackened +1 keen greatsword is festooned with religious iconography depicting glorious images of the Lord in Iron.
Gorum’s Thorn gains an additional ability: when the wielder confirms a critical hit against any creature with the giant subtype, he can attempt to trip that target as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity and ignoring any size restrictions related to the target. If the trip attempt fails by 10 or more, the wielder is not knocked prone.

Black Eagle’s Blade (L): This +1 greatsword is made of blackened steel and embodies the Lambreth ideal that all crimes must be punished twice. Once per day after the wielder slays a creature with the Black Eagle’s blade, the wielder can empower the weapon to become a +2 bane greatsword as an immediate action; the sword’s bane ability is keyed to the same creature type as the one that the wielder killed to activate the effect. This effect lasts for 8 rounds or until the wielder kills a second creature with the weapon, whichever comes first.

Quick Runner’s Shirt: This shirt is made of light, gossamer-thin fabric embroidered with arrangements of winged feet. Once per day as a swift action, the wearer can take an additional move action to move and then immediately end his turn, losing any unspent actions. A character must wear this shirt continuously for 24 hours before he can activate this ability.

Ring of Far Strike: This unassuming black ring changes color to a silver pearlescent sheen when held near a fire. Once per day as a standard action, the wearer can make a melee weapon attack or unarmed strike attack against any opponent within 30 feet. The wearer must be otherwise capable of performing the attack to use this ability.

Battle Strider’s Boots: While unattended, these rough leather boots appear to be in a slightly different place each time a creature observes them. They seem to flicker around the wearer’s feet for the first 24 hours she wears them, reducing her movement speed by 5 feet and imposing a –2 penalty on Acrobatics checks
After she has worn the boots for 24 hours, the flickering decreases, the penalties end, and she can activate the boots. Three times per day, she can activate the boots as a swift action to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity while moving out of a threatened square. While activated, the boots conceal the wearer’s movement in such a way that her foes see only short, blurred flashes of movement. Any creature that has blindsight or a similar nonvisual sense or is affected by true seeing can still make attacks of opportunity against the wearer as normal.

Blind Man’s Fold: Fashioned from a scrap of a blind beggar’s clothing, a blind man’s fold is often used by explorers who must traverse caves inhabited by invisible creatures, or those drawn to sources of light. A blind man’s fold fully obscures normal vision while worn, but grants the effects of the Improved Blind-Fight feat (Advanced Player’s Guide 162). Creatures which are unable to see normally gain no benefit from wearing a blind man’s fold.

There were also a few +1 items and potions, Sam has those written down.

Session 14 Prologue
How *not* to handle secret notes

Standing among the bodies of those that had been harassing the party, as well as the killer of Lady Llewellyn, the party can’t help but feel that there is no way such a rag tag group of thugs could be the mastermind behind their troubles in Nirvan.
A search of the Warpriest’s body (the Warpriest being the one that seemed to be officiating this meeting) reveals a letter.

You and your men are to watch for these “heroes” of Valorstand and if they attempt to meet with His Royal Highness Marciveau then you must ensure that they never leave Nirvan.  If you can eliminate Lady Llewellyn as well, we have been promised a sizable bonus.  Careful with that one though, she’s a potent caster.
Burn this letter when you are done reading it.
-C. V.

The party has no idea who C. V. is, but they do remember that His Royal Highness Kristophe had mentioned that there was an ongoing investigation into the rioting.
Aside from that, there are no identifying insignia or marks on the rest of the bodies. It does seem odd that they act and fight in a way that would lead one to believe that they have been trained to work together, these seem more like trained mercenaries than the typical low-skill thugs that band together in a cities alleys.

Session 13 Epilogue
Backstabbery is afoot!

The player’s arrive in Nirvan to massive riots and protests, the people shouting that the party should be tried and executed for crimes against the state. Loaded into a carriage escorted by armed guards, they set off towards the castle.

The path along the roads is slow going, with the crowds reluctant to part for the wagon, and the guards reluctant to injure any civilians, especially with women and children in the crowd. While passing a side street, the carriage is ambushed by trained grapplers, musketeer’s on the rooftops, and two flying mages. After a difficult fight (for the bad guys), the party manages to wake the guards and hustle to the castle.

Once inside they are met by the King and Queen. They are surprised to see Lady Llewellyn there as well, one of the Valrostand Council of Magi that is assisting the players with the investigation of the night of wild magic. The king insists on a feast before business and the players are given a place to sleep.

The next night the feast is in full swing, and while Sherman wows the crowd with tales of the parties prowess, an invisible assassin executes Lady Llewellyn, right at the banquet table. The noble start to protest the player’s, believing them to be involved, but Sherman manages to calm them. Meanwhile, a servant is roughly shoved aside by something invisible at the back of the room, and the party gives chase.

Tracking the assassin through the dark city streets, they come upon a hideout and proceed to lay waste to all within.

Session 13 Prologue
Come as you are -Nirvan

After saving Captain Jack and killing the pygmy king and the great ape the pygmies worshipped, the journey back across the island is relatively uneventful. As the king hit the ground in pieces, a flurry of drums started up in the nearby jungle, quickly rippling through the thick vegetation as other drums picked up the message. Walking back through the jungle, the party doesn’t encounter a single pygmy. Through the trees they see many rough canoes taking to the seas, fleeing the island in all directions.

You found another shard, a much larger piece, about the size of a man’s forearm.

Arriving back at the tower, the map has changed. The Nirvan war ship has come closer to the southern beach and it looks to be holding steady. The Griffin riders are frozen in place but appear to be flying towards the tower, coming from the direction of the war ship.

The crew of the Valoreign ship has indeed pulled the national flag down and are now flying under the Ravenstorm banner. They are coming around the island and will likely make visual with the warship shortly (in the next hour or so).

Anyone that comes close to the table, feels comfortable like they might possibly be able to manipulate the pieces. Aside from the party, the ships, and the griffin riders, there are lots of injured pirates on the map.

While you are pondering the map, you hear a commotion outside. Stepping out to see what’s going on, you see a Griffin rider spear sticking into the earth just outside the tower door. The Salthaven folk have dropped back into defensive positions, but the riders have already veered off in the direction of Nirvan (East). You see a message tied to the spear.

You have been invited to the Capital city of Nirvan to speak with the king about the Night of Wild Magic. The war ship awaits to take you there if you decide to accept.

Session 12 Epilogue
Dankey Kang

The party struggled through the jungle to reach the Volcano, fighting disease and pygmies along the way. At the volcano they find the pygmy king, Kang, and his band of wereboars preparing to sacrifice Captain Jack.

Noc used his stealth skills to cut Jack free as the party engaged the pygmies, making short work of them. As Kang’s body hit the ground, drums started beating throughout the jungle, followed shortly by a crashing sound coming from deep within.

In a short time, the jungle erupted in swarms of monkeys, all fleeing in fear. What followed was Kong, lord of the jungle. A Gargantuan Ape, Kong ripped into the party, but was eventually put to rest.

Session 12 Prologue
Elves and trees? go figure

With a tower full of Saltharbor townsfolk, the party huddles in the darkness as the structure twist up through the earth, finally coming to rest on the surface of the island about an hour from the beach according to the map.

Shortly after leaving the tower, there is a burst of magic and several elves, armed and prepared for battle, appear around the group. They have bowstrings pulled back, swords drawn, and mages are ready to cast. The obvious leader, an elvish noble in ornate plate points at the player with the cane. “It’s TRUE! The great tree is returned! Hand over that cutting!” Elror hands over the sapling and in return is given command of squad of new Elven Barbarians.

The party disperses their resources to save the pirates and warn the cove, and they set off to save Captain Jack.

Session 11 Epilogue
To kill a god

The party takes the ferry to Saltharbor, a small town nestled on an island in the middle of an interdimensional space created to imprison the mad god Zentharion.

The people of Saltharbor are inviting though a thousand years out of touch with surface life. The guards of Saltharbor are another matter, suspicious and distrusting of the NPC’s. Saltharbor Guard is a noble profession and the guards act much like nobles on the surface, uppity and pompous.

The party learns a little of Saltharbor, but nothing of the tower which is strictly off limits. They do find the story of Zentharion’s bid for power and subsequent fall from grace in the town library. Notable to the Elf is the fact that Zentharion had destroyed the elvish Great Tree before his banishment, putting two and two together, he realizes the great tree depicted across the tower doors is the Great Tree. There is also a passage about an emergency escape system to be used if something were to happen to the mad god.

They meet the town elder, a disheveled old woman with a cane. She immediately takes a disliking to the party, in particularly the elvish barbarian.

As the party stays in Saltharbor, they realize that some form of powerful sleeping magic overcomes the town each night at 10pm. Through various means, the party stays awake and uses the nights for intel gathering.

As the days wear on, it becomes evident that someone is painting the party as cursed, spreading rumors, and possibly even controlling townsfolk to incite violence. Quickly catching on, the group manages to resolve the encounters without violence.

The party eventually discovers that the village elder is the mad god. Noc follows her one night and watches as she touches her cane to the doors of the tower, and the relief of the great tree briefly becomes something more as the cane seems to melt into it, allowing her entrance. The color drains from the doors and the cane pops back out as she passes.

Combat commences with Zentharion, victory belongs to the party and as the god lays dying the interdimensional space begins to collapse. The edges of this reality start to crumble, and the townspeople rush for the tower. While everyone is packing into the tower, the party discovers an intricately carved relief of the surface of the island of Tortage.

The map and its pieces are carved to a level of detail that looks almost impossible, like a living relief. They notice the following:

  • Honest Captain Jack the Liar appears to be getting dragged up the volcano by a brutish pygmy, both figurines are immaculately detailed. There appear to be lesser pygmies cheering on the action.
  • There is a green glow coming from within the volcano, but whatever it is, it’s too small to be seen on the map.
  • there are smaller representations of pygmies and pirates around the jungle, not as detailed as the captain and the pygmy.
  • There is a Nirvan warship just coming into the hazy edge of the maps waters, it appears to be heading in the general direction of the pirate’s cove, where the parties lackeys are hanging out with the less combat-capable pirates.
  • There is a flight of Griffon riders in the skies above the island, Griffon riders are Nirvan’s elite aerial units and similar to Valoreign’s Hippogriff riders.

As the last of the townsfolk seek safety in the tower (with the exception of Father Bryon because, and I quote, “fuck that guy”), the tower seals shut and as the world collapses around it, it drives up into the earth. The interior is dark and the noise is deafening but after several minutes it comes to a grinding halt and light slowly pierces the inside through the windows.

Total Session EXP: 5,400

Notable followers gained
Fritz’s hairy ball
Nelly, proprietor of the Salt Lick
Grunkle, blacksmith
Mister Jerl, librarian
~100 assorted villagers (farmers, cooks, clothiers, etc)

Session 11 Prologue
Farewell to a dear friend, but the journey must continue

The party makes camp one last time in the mushroom forest, the night begins uneventfully until Sherman and Noc are startled into a state of high alert due to a sudden and overpowering feeling of something changed in the air – a feeling of something watching the party, a slight tingle, maybe some kind of magic? The moment passes and nothing comes of it, they carry on with their watch but nothing else happens and the event is quickly forgotten. The next morning as the party stirs and begins packing their belongings to continue the journey, they realize that Sir Gaheris is no longer with them. His pack of belongings and his bedroll are still there and nothing appears to be out of place, though the bedroll is damp and deep in the folds it’s cold to the touch, almost frosty. A quick inspection finds a hastily written note:

Dear friends,

I awoke last night to a vision of my mentor, Magnus Filgray, in dire need of help. I don’t know the nature of his predicament nor where he is in the world, but my dream seemed to indicate that he had been betrayed and is fighting for his life against some opposing power. I will reach out to him now in the hopes that he has enough strength left to open a portal for me to join him. I have no doubts that we will meet again, best of luck on your journey. Please send my retainers back to Rondel to resume residence in the Black Worg Tower, bid them to wait no more than one year for my return or contact, after which they are free to leave as they wish.
Sir Gaheris

The remaining members shoulder their packs and continue through the mushroom forest.

You don’t travel far before finding a tunnel exiting on the far side of the massive cavern and leave the mushroom forest behind you. Not long into the tunnel, you start to smell a hint of salt in the air. As you continue, the smell gets stronger, almost briny. You see a light ahead in the distance, a small pinprick of bright light in an otherwise dark corridor. As you travel on, the light gets brighter and you are certain you are traveling towards what appears to be sunlight! The salty scent of the air continues to get stronger. You hear an occasional moan from up ahead.
As you get closer to the light, squinting as your eyes try to adjust to being in the dark for so long, you start to hear a slow lazy lapping of water against stone. You finally reach the end of the tunnel and find yourself looking out over a huge body of water. The tunnel just ends, a door-like hole in a massive sheer cliff face, there is a small drop of about a foot to the water, the edge of which is lined in a thick deposit of salt. The water itself is somewhat clear down about 5-6 feet before turning murky white in suspended clouds of salt, softly undulating in the gentle current. In the distance, you see a lonely island, too far away to make out any details. The cliff wall is smooth and appears to travel indefinitely to the left, right, and up, disappearing from your vision. There is a gentle breeze sweeping past the tunnel exit, causing an echoing moan from the tunnel entrance.
Just short of the end of the tunnel a pulley apparatus has been installed. A loop of cable wraps around the device and the ends shoot out across the lake towards the island. There is a looping chain hanging down from the pulleys.

Session 10 Epilogue
Mushroom Party

The group enters the great mushroom forest, a massive cavern housing gargantuan mushrooms, densely packed like an above ground arboreal forest.

Night 1 in the forest: The party hears a savage roar followed by a shrill humanoid screech, then silence. Investigating they find a toppled mushroom, the crown of which is hollowed out and was being used as a camp. They find the traces of a purple worm attack, and the belongings that appear to be from a Drow who appeared to have slipped while taking a leak off the edge of the mushroom, thudding to the ground and alerting the purple worm. Among the equipment they find a parchment with the description of the party and their roles.

Night 2 in the forest: The party is ambushed by Drow led by a Drider and watched over by a familiar Drow on his giant spider mount. The battle that raged with the Drow caught the attention of a gargantuan purple worm which attacked the players and remaining drow. After winning the fight the party learned that a human mercenary boldly entered the Drow city and offered a great reward for the party never leaving the Darklands, the description matched that of the human mercenary the party has encountered previously with the Elven grenades. The party find a few captives, Svirfneblin that had helped the group in the past, minus two members that perished when being captured by the drow. There names are Belwar (M), Kronthud (M), and Thulmarra (F). They agree to travel with the party.

Last sessions loot, I put an asterix next to things that I think were claimed by characters.

+1 Mithril Longsword
Mithril Chain Shirt

Fungal Forest:
Tunnel Worm:
89pp, 804gp, 64sp, 180cp
23gp in gems
Mwk Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
Mwk Dagger
Mwk Morningstar
Flail Snails
31pp, 486gp, 1205sp, 7040cp
994gp in gems
Mwk Buckler
Mwk Heavy Mace
Mwk Light Hammer
Mwk Sai
Oil of Magic Stone
Potion of Protection from Chaos
Scroll of Charm Animal
Scroll of Scorching Ray
Wand of Create Water (24 charges)
1,500gp in shell fragments
25pp, 250gp, 100sp, 500cp
450gp in gems
Mwk Spear
2x Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds

Drow Ambush
1,000pp, 600gp
6x Rapiers
7x Hand Crossbows
100 Hand Crossbow Bolts
6x Leather Armour
6x Bucklers
Mwk Rapier
Mwk Breastplate
1 Buckler
Mek Heavy Mace
Mwk Composite Longbow (
2 Str)
20 Arrows
7 doses Drow Poison
1x Potion of Invisibility
1x Scroll of Dispel Magic
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds (10 charges)


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